Burlington County Commissioners take step to preserve another 1,200 acres of farmland

Special to The Sun
More than 63,000 acres of farmland has been preserved in Burlington County, ranking the county No. 1 in New Jersey for acres of farmland preserved and No. 7 in the nation.

The Burlington County Commissioners took steps to protect close to 1,200 acres of the county’s remaining farmland from future development.

The commissioners voted on June 26 to give preliminary approval for nine farms to enter the Burlington County Farmland Preservation Program. The county will now obtain appraisals to purchase the development rights for the farms and have them deed restricted to remain in agriculture. The farmers will continue to retain ownership of the land.

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If agreements are finalized with all nine farms, 1,196 acres of farmland would be preserved across Chesterfield, North Hanover, Mansfield, Pemberton, Tabernacle and Southampton.

The farms that received preliminary approval are:

  • Lustgarten farm in North Hanover, 162 acres
  • Doyle Farm in Southampton, 143 acres
  • Bright View Farm in Chesterfield in Mansfield, 254 acres
  • Ruth Glunt and Mary Powell Farm in Tabernacle, 87 acres
  • Reid Sod Farm in North Hanover, 268 acres
  • Edward Allen Farm in Pemberton Township, 51 acres
  • Cheung Farm in Southampton, 55 acres
  • Kenron Farm in Southampton, 155 acres
  • Thomas Allen Farm in Southampton, 21 acres

All nine farms qualify for state funding that will cover as much as 60% of the preservation costs. Six of the properties are also eligible for federal funding from the U.S. Department of Defense because they are within a 5-mile buffer zone around Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

The buffer zone is important because it helps minimize security issues immediately outside the base and also limits development and land use conflicts near it.

The nine farms receiving preliminary approval for preservation is the most since 2016 when ten farms qualified for preservation after responding to letters of interest from the county.

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