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‘You are the future’: Delran High graduates 235 students

Courtesy of Delran Township School District Delran High School Choir sings the National Anthem during the Class of 2024 Commencement ceremony on June 14.

The impending storm on June 14 may have moved up the Delran High School graduation by a few hours, but it didn’t deter the excitement felt from the 235-member graduating Class of 2024.

“I promised you good weather folks, and so far, knock on wood, we found some time,” said Principal Daniel Finkle, who thanked everyone for their understanding on the schedule change.

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Senior William Arthur conducted the flag salute and the school choir sang the national anthem to begin the commencement inside the school’s football stadium. Senior Allison Desiderio welcomed school officials, family, friends and her class.

Graduates Matthew Jones and Grace Cascio performed the singer Adele’s song “When We Were Young,” while fellow grad Jessica Berkoff offered the senior class reflection.

Salutatorian John Corradino remarked on the graduates’ last moment together.

“I believe in us, in our class,” he said. “We have the necessary talent, drive and heart required to overcome any challenges that we may face (and) to seize the opportunities that may lie ahead …

“That is why today is such a remarkably special day,” Corradino added. “Not only does it represent a massive step forward in our lives, but we are able to have one last moment together experiencing the presence of those who have supported us in our journey.”

Valedictorian Paige Flynn was tasked to write a speech about the future, which she thought would be easy.

“I’ve always been a future focused person, daydreaming about it, planning for it, working towards it,” she acknowledged. “The future was always graduation. Now what had always been a distant dream had finally arrived and I had no idea what to do.”

Flynn also imagined herself and her classmates in one year.

“I was quickly overwhelmed by the vast range of possibilities for all of us,” she explained. “Some of us are headed straight to college, others straight to work, trade school, gap years, the military, the unknown.

“Some of us will spread out all over the country or the world and some of us will stay right here in Delran,” she added. “Some of us might stay in contact, others we might never see again. However, despite the myriad paths laid out before us, I do know one thing for certain: Wherever we go, we will without a doubt make the world a better place.

“With every step we take into the future, we will leave behind the footprints of the Delran bear.”

Class president Hashim Chaudhry, Allison Desiderio, Ava Favieri, William Arthur, Mya Kennedy and Jack McStravick performed the Noah Kahan song “You’re Gonna Go Far.” Chaudhry then reflected on the Class of 2024’s journey.

Band director Thomas Rafter, who was named Teacher of the Year, offered the staff reflection.

” … The lyrics of John Mayer’s song, ‘You’re gonna live forever in me,’ remind us that although things may end, the impact you’ve made will last forever,” he said, then, in the middle of the speech and with saxophone in hand, Rafter played the song.

“Thank you for the music,” he told the graduates, “the memories and yes, all of our moments together. You’re gonna live forever in me.”

Finkle then described the commencement as bittersweet.

“… This is the last time that I will preside over Delran High School’s graduation ceremony,” he pointed out, adding it’s been “12 amazing years.”

Before the Class of 2024 received their diplomas, they sang a rendition of the school’s alma mater.


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