‘The fitted sheet’: Deptford High graduates 249 students

Deptford High School graduated 249 students in the Class of 2024 on June 14 at the school’s football field.

The ceremony at Joe Corbi and Jim Hawkins Stadium marked the next chapter in the lives of graduates. Rescheduled to 4 p.m. due to threatening weather, the commencement was attended by hundreds of friends and family of students and local officials.

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A number of students addressed the crowd to reminisce about their time as students and share insight on future plans.

“Looking out into the crowd, seeing the faces I attended elementary school and middle school with, the fight is over,” said class president Autumn Daniels. “We have made it to the end. After overcoming many obstacles, now it is time for us to chase and fulfill our dreams that we began at a young age.”

“Each time I had to pull an all-nighter for my English papers, which happened way too often, I’d slowly start to lose my inner drive to keep working towards my goal,” acknowledged valedictorian Marc Nicastro.

“Until I told myself, just keep pushing, just keep pushing,” he added, “three words to say to yourself when something’s not going your way and you need just a little bit of motivation to keep going.”

District administrators in attendance included Superintendent Kevin Kanauss, who spoke of the grads’ high school years and their futures.

“To guide us through this reflection, I’d like to use a metaphor, one I believe perfectly encapsulates the high-school experience and the journey into adulthood,” he noted. “The fitted sheet. Yes, the humble fitted sheet.

“It seems simple enough, but anyone who has ever tried to fold one, knows it’s deceptively complex, Kanauss added. “Much like the past four years of high school, it’s full of twist and turns and moments of utter confusion.”

The school’s student choir sang an original piece, “Alma Mater,” to symbolize the spirit of Deptford. That was followed by the tradition of graduates triumphantly throwing their caps into the air to signal an end to their high-school journey.

Photos by Joseph Metz/The Sun
Members of the Deptford High School Class of 2024 (above) took in the moment at Joe Corbi and Jim Hawkins Stadium on commencement day, June 14. The school band (below left) welcomed the graduates, including valedictorian Marc Nicastro (center), and the senior choir also performed the original piece “Alma Mater.”
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