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‘Best board meeting of the whole year’ as school district honors students

Schools Superintendent Justin Smith and the Evesham board of education recognized a number of students for accolades in academics, arts, music and sports at a board meeting on May 30.

“This is easily the best board meeting of the whole year because it’s about honoring students,” Smith said. “We have so many students here that have done incredible things covering the arts, athletics, academics and much, much more.”

Middle-school students Madelynn Baugh and Julia Guzzo were recognized for earning the Girl Scouts of the United States of America Silver Award by donating recreational items to DeMasi Elementary/Middle Schools for use at recess.

The Marlton Middle School Yearbook Club was recognized for their award for the Jostens 2024 National Yearbook Bronze Level Program of Excellence.

  • Students: Elaina Escobedo, Reese Gindhart, Lila Rose Lepore, Zoe Mandry, and Kaila Weiss, Joshua Zucco.

Students were recognized for winning the 2024 Elks Essay Contest “What the Bill of Rights Means to Me.”

  • Fifth-grader Kaitlyn Schultz at Marlton Elementary School earned first place in the New Jersey Elks Southwest District for fifth grade.
  • Sixth-grader Emily Li at Marlton Middle School earned first place in the New Jersey Elks Southwest District for sixth grade and second place in the New Jersey State Elks Americanism Program.

Students were recognized for earning placement in the 2024 South Jersey Honors Orchestra.

  • Beecher School: Zanibel Lee, Madeline Cruz, Alice Solorzano, Hannah Wang.
  • DeMasi Elementary School: Connor Lukianovich, Faith Fisicaro, Cameron Motoshige, Abigail Lane, Evan Wang.
  • Jaggard School: Cooper Lynch, Eniola Ogunnubi, Eva Szemere, Lori Lee.
  • Marlton Elementary School: Corinne Falcone, Abigail Kearney, Alyssa George, Harper Booth.
  • Rice School: Emily Cummings, Graham Campbell, Madelyn Diller.
  • Van Zant School: Elizabeth Miller, Nora Kerber, Samuel Hasan.
  • DeMasi Middle School: David Yang, Inmozhi Kalaichezhiyan, Cody Heberlig.
  • Marlton Middle School: Ellie Galambos, Darwin DeLucas, Rachel Waltrich, Nathan Krammer.

Students were recognized for winning the 2024 Math League Contest.

  • Beecher School: Terence Lim.
  • DeMasi Elementary School: Max Giordano (highest district score, fifth grade).
  • Jaggard School: Cooper Lynch and Owen Wiekle (tie score).
  • Marlton Elementary School: Michael Shapiro.
  • Rice School: Mason Pyon.
  • Van Zant School: Sam Hasan.
  • Marlton Middle School: Emily Li and Samantha McMullen (tied highest district score, sixth grade), Elaine Eckhart and Anthony Hughes (seventh grade), and Andrew Vare (highest district score) and Landon Hackney.
  • DeMasi Middle School: Purvi Agrawal (tied highest district school, sixth grade) and Pushkar Vatsavayi; Charles Liu (highest district score) and Zia Lee for seventh grade; and Gracie O’Donnell and Darsh Gajera for eighth grade.

The Marlton Middle School boys’ soccer team was recognized for an undefeated season.

Carter Biederman, Vivan Chatrath, Elijah Coenen, Dylan Coffina, Jaxon Coleman, Mika Holownia, Braydon Housel, Grady Ives, Brady Klauder, Drew Lanzilotta, Liam Maybrown, Sullivan McCloskey, Ethan Ramsey, Kyle Redeker, Carter Reeve, Landon Reiter, Hamza Salahuddin, Matthew Shultz, William Sparrow, and Sterling Washington.

The DeMasi Middle School girl’s lacrosse team was recognized for an undefeated season.

Brynn Anyzek, Alexandra Baselice, Abigail Brown, Victoria Brown, Madison Burger, Brooke Butler, Madelyn Chung, Riley Conn, Anna Damian, Jila Dinovelli, Gabriella Dispenza, Peyton Dumsha, Lillian Gorsline, Mackenzie Judernatz, Casey Leisse, Ava Lumley, Maggie Melnychuk, Gwyneth Olivar, Brenna Rogers, Brynlee Rogers, Maura Spicer, Madison Thiemann, Annalise Tierney, Midori Johns, and Adriana Sponseller.

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