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‘A tangible expression’

Washington Township recognizes Military Appreciation Month

Courtesy of Washington Township
Township Mayor Laurie Burns and council presented proclamations to Mark Eberle and his nonprofit, Paws Healing Heroes, as well as members of the Washington Township Veterans Advisory Board on May 29.

As the final days of May came to an end, Mayor Laurie Burns and the township council took time to recognize Military Appreciation Month.

“It’s a time to honor and recognize immeasurable sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform past and present,” Burns said.

The mayor presented proclamations to Mark Eberle and his nonprofit organization Paws Healing Heroes and members of the Washington Township Veterans Advisory Board at a Township Council meeting on May 29.

“This proclamation serves as a tangible expression of our community’s profound appreciation for the dedication, courage and selflessness exhibited by our military personnel each and every day,” she said.

Paws Healing Heroes has provided invaluable support to veterans in need offering compassionate assistance and hope to the loving bond between veterans and their specially trained service dogs, according to the proclamation.

Eberle is a United States Army veteran. He founded Paws Healing Heroes in 2016 in an effort to raise money, through community events, in order to provide service dogs to Veterans in need, according to the organization’s website.

“What makes Mark’s organization so special is that the specially trained service dogs are all rescue dogs,” Burns said.

Through proactive initiatives, the Washington Township Veterans Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in fostering a supportive nurturing environment for veterans ensuring that they receive care respect and recognition they rightfully deserve for their sacrifices in safeguarding freedoms.

“The board’s steadfast commitment to advocating for the needs of our well-being and providing vital support services is truly commendable,” Burns said. “Their relentless advocacy, compassionate outreach invaluable contributions to the welfare of our veteran community exemplifies the spirit of service and embodies the very essence of military appreciation month.

“As we gather here today to recognize Military Appreciation Month and to honor remarkable contributions of individuals,” she added, “let us reaffirm our collective commitment to supporting our veterans and families. Your sacrifices and services safeguarded our freedoms and shaped the course of our nation’s history.”

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