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Sixty-nine police graduates heed the call

Sixty-nine Camden County police recruits celebrated their graduation from training on June 6 at Camden County Ccollege.

The new officers are from the 87th Basic Police Recruit Class of the college’s police academy, located in the Regional Emergency Training Center at Lakeland.

The event ‘s speakers included County Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli; county Prosecutor Grace MacAulay; college president Lovell Pugh-Bassett; Robert Doyle, director of the academy; Edward R. Kunkel, academy deputy director; and David Edwards, executive vice president for academic affairs at the county college.

“These recruits have gone through a rigorous six-month training program to get to where they are today and I couldn’t be prouder of them,” Cappelli said. “Policing is one of the toughest jobs out there and these men and women are rising to the challenge to serve their communities.

“The future is bright for this class, and I applaud their commitment and dedication to public service.”

A highlight of the ceremony was the badge-pinning tradition. Many of the graduating recruits had the honor of being pinned by a family member either currently serving or retired from law enforcement.

The graduates are:

  • Jacen Abbott, Camden County police
  • Jadrian Abbott, Camden County police
  • Faiz Ahmad, Camden County police
  • Alan Allen, Willingboro police
  • Yassira Arciga, Camden County police
  • Austin Attanasi, Washington Township police
  • Devon Banks, Delaware River Port Authority
  • Ciarah Bennett, Camden County sheriff’s office
  • Donovan Bennett, Vineland police
  • Shane Briody, Alternate Route
  • Samuel Buckley, Maple Shade police
  • Correl Caddle, Willingboro police
  • Nowingsky Cadet, Camden County police
  • Josephine Camarillo, Camden County sheriff’s office
  • William Carter, Camden County police
  • Adam Cook, Burlington County sheriff’s office
  • Zacaria Deharo, City of Bridgeton police
  • Michael Dintino, Camden County sheriff’s office
  • Joshua Figueroa, Camden County police
  • Rose Fischer, Burlington Township police
  • Ryan Fowler, Camden County police
  • Edgar Fuentes, Vineland police
  • Jeremy Gandia, Camden County police
  • Dominic Gaughan, Delaware River Port Authority
  • Duane Gillespie, Camden County police
  • Jontae Graves, Willingboro police
  • Robert Haynes, Evesham Township police
  • Daniel Hebert, Camden County police
  • Brianna Honse, Camden County sheriff’s office
  • Hodges Horton, Willingboro police
  • Christopher Hubbs, Burlington City police
  • Eren Ibas, Camden County police
  • Cheyenne Ingalls, Camden County sheriff’s office
  • Ethan Jackson, Camden County police
  • Brandon Jones, Brooklawn police
  • Brenden Karamanoogian, Willingboro police
  • Ibrahim Kermen, Camden County police
  • Amiel Lane, Camden County police
  • Eric Lederer, Brooklawn police
  • Caden Lenhart, Salem City police
  • Isaiah Lewis, Evesham Township police
  • Patrick Makel, Camden County police
  • Kylie Malusis, Vineland police
  • Noah Mangiamele, Salem City police
  • Silvio Mazzuca, Mount Laurel police
  • Rahsaan McGruder, Camden County police
  • Bryan Moye, Brooklawn police
  • Benjamin Mroz, Camden County police
  • Robert Nicholson, Gloucester Township police
  • Ryan Ondo, Washington Township police
  • JanPaul Pacheco, Vineland police
  • Nyla Parker, Camden County police
  • Alejandro Peralta, Mount Laurel police
  • Edgar Perez, Camden County police
  • Edwar Pichataro, Vineland police
  • Devin Ruiz, Camden County sheriff’s office
  • Nicholas Schepacarter, Camden County sheriff’s office
  • Preston Scott, Camden County police
  • Evan Simonetti, Camden County sheriff’s office
  • Damian Smith, Camden County police
  • Justin Smith, Salem City police
  • Shareyah Syed, Camden County police
  • Joseph Torres, Maple Shade police
  • Max Valles, Camden County police
  • John Ward, Camden County sheriff’s office
  • Warren Wilcox, Camden County police
  • Eric Wyatt, Camden County police
  • Adam Zindaki, Egg Harbor Township police
  • Adnan Zivalioglu, Vineland police

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