Clearview varsity baseball honors its seniors

Courtesy of Clearview Athletics
The seniors posed for pictures with their families and also displayed gifts of custom-made wooden bats.

Clearview Regional High School held its annual senior night ceremony on May 16 before the Pioneers’ baseball game against the Northern Burlington High School Grey Hounds, recognizing eight players for their accomplishments on the field.

The seniors honored during the pregame ceremony were outfielder Dylan Baker, pitcher and first baseman Noah Sari, infielder Noah Smith, outfielder Matt DeSimone, pitcher and utility player AJ Palumbo, infielder Rob LaGuarina, pitcher Mason Klug and pitcher and designated hitter Chris Wolf.

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“Senior day is always a nice special day,” said Clearview head coach Nick Core. “The kids put a lot of work and time into four years, and really it’s a culmination of their careers, too. Some of these kids will go on and play at the next level and some of them won’t. They’ve played their whole lives from T-ball all the way until now.

“It’s kind of the end of their careers, baseball wise,” the coach added, “but then a new beginning in whatever they decide to do after high school. It’s a special day for them and their parents.”

The players were announced in order of jersey numbers and took the field alongside their families. They each received green and yellow flowers to represent the school’s colors, and custom-made wooden baseball bats with green handles and the words Class of 2024 inscribed on them.

The gate toward the left field side of the baseball field was decorated with pictures of the seniors as they were honored in a ceremony that – according to Core – was also a preview for those who will play next year.

“It’s good for the underclassmen, since it gives them something to look forward to,” he explained. “It’s something that will come up quick. We have a bunch of sophomores out here but before they know it, next year’s going to come quick and they’ll be juniors, upperclassmen, and after that, it’ll be their time for senior day.

“It’s a nice thing for them and we have a pretty good group of upperclassmen,” Core added. “They’ve been good with the young guys and I think they appreciate as well.”

The game against Northern Burlington High ended in a 2-2 tie after 11 innings because the field lacked enough light. Despite that, the team, according to Core, is now ready to compete in upcoming playoff games.

“We’re still out here to win and we’re still out here to compete,” he noted. “We definitely want to get everyone into the game, all the seniors into the game. We’re playing really good baseball right now, kids are having a lot of fun and they’re playing real tough.

“We’re definitely here to compete.”

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