Brothers nurture a passion for embroidery

Brothers Maine (left) and Joe Levi model their own handcrafted shirts, made with the help of a rare machine.

It was during COVID that brothers Joe and Maine Levi embarked on journey that would fulfill their creative passions.

The Levis turned their interest in fashion and embroidery into Embrodiery Brothers in Gloucester Township, a source, among others, for businesses and clubs seeking custom-designed pieces.

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The adventure began unexpectedly when the brothers drove to Long Beach Island to purchase a special threading machine, only to find it had been sold.

“We got cold feet and left, but as we were driving back, we both had this weird feeling and knew we should turn around,” Joe recalled.

That instinct paid off, and the brothers eventually secured the machine, one of only 10 in the world. With help from its original owner and a technician familiar with the device, Joe and Maine quickly learned the ropes of high-quality embroidery.

“The machine is complicated, but understanding it has set our designs apart from others in the market,” Maine explained. Their commitment to quality and creativity has not gone unnoticed.

“We are giving you so much better quality and tons of embroidery compared to others,” Joe said. “Once we start stitching, we started picking the brains of other embroidery companies and noticed we were on another level.”

What sets the Levi brothers apart is not just their embroidery but an ability to turn each piece into a conversational artwork.

“If you want something significant, then you would come here,” Joe stated, emphasizing that embroidery “will be around forever” and is at the “top of the chain.”

The impact of their work extends beyond the fashion pieces themselves. By supporting local businesses and clubs with custom designs, they’ve woven themselves into the fabric of the community.

“Our shop is like walking into our mind,” described Joe.”

“The clients come in without an idea a lot of times,” added Maine, “and I’m able to put something together and show them. It’s easy for me because I’m creative. And we give you what would stand out.”

The brothers’ ability to make connections on a personal level has been key.

“Your energy speaks before you do,” noted Maine.

That approach has allowed the Levis to meet customer expectations and spur positive reactions. Looking ahead, they have ambitious plans to expand their reach by becoming a vendor and eventually opening a larger warehouse.

Said Joe: “We want to be known worldwide.”

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