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Bring your solar eclipse glasses to the Burlington County Earth Fair

The latest total eclipse has come and gone, and some residents might now be wondering what to do with the protective eclipse glasses they used to safely watch the spectacle.

The next eclipse over the United States isn’t until 2044 and the next one expected to be visible in New Jersey isn’t until 2079. For residents who don’t want to hold onto their eclipse glasses that long, the Burlington County Commissioners and Department of Solid Waste and Recycling will be hosting a collection at the upcoming Burlington County Earth Fair on Sunday, April 21, at Historic Smithville Park.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. gently used and undamaged eclipse glasses can be dropped off at the event’s Recycling Tent for donation to Astronomers Without Borders, a nonprofit group that will store and redistribute them to locations around the globe where future eclipses will be visible.

Old, gently used prescription glasses, bifocals, readers and sunglasses will also be collected at the event for donation to the Lion’s Club for redistribution to low-income, visually impaired residents.

Solar eclipse glasses and other eyeglasses should not be discarded in curbside recycling containers and should be saved, donated or disposed of with garbage.

Besides the Earth Fair collection, unwanted solar eclipse glasses can also be donated to Astronomers Without Borders at area Warby Parker stores, including ones at the Sagemore shopping center off Route 73 in Evesham, and the Cherry Hill Mall.

In addition to the solar eclipse glasses and eyewear collections, the county will also be collecting unwanted reuseable bags, plastic film and bags, plastic flowerpots and small electronics at the Earth Fair.

Plastic flower pots should be free of dirt and debris and will be collected near the Smithville Park entrance.

Unwanted reuseable bags should be clean and gently used. They will be collected in the Sustainable Living Tent and then donated to Farmers Against Hunger.

Plastic bags and film will be collected in the Recycling Tent. Acceptable items include clean, dry plastic wrap from water cases, dry cleaning bags, bubble wrap, air pillows and plastic shipping containers.

Electronics or e-waste will be collected in the Recycling Tent and include tablets, e-readers, cell phones, computer mice, power cords, ear buds, mp3 players and iPods. Large electronic items will not be accepted.

In addition to those collections, Earth Fair will feature presentations, performances and activities related to sustainability, recycling and environmental stewardship. There will be an artisan marketplace featuring upcycled and recycled goods, a pop-up nature center, blender bike smoothies, a puppet parade and kids activities, a plant swap, live music, food trucks and a beer garden.

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