Story, then a craft at library’s Book Buddies

Courtesy of Deptford library

The Deptford library has a new program for kids from pre-K to second grade called Book Buddies, which will have them read a story together and create a craft based on its theme.

The sessions take place every Monday at the library from 4:30 to 5 p.m.; the next session is this coming Monday. The program is run by the library’s new children’s librarian, Sarah Kramer, and is described on the library’s website as “the magic of a story and craft.”

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“Book Buddies is a story time uniquely created with children from pre-K to grade two in mind,” she explained. “While enjoying a carefully selected story, children participate in questions about what we’re supposed to learn from it, what the characters are feeling, where the story takes place and others like that.”

While the story portion is intended to teach a lesson, the craft portion of each session is meant to hone the fine motor skills of a child, on top of providing a fun activity.

“This is not only fun for kids,” Kramer said, “but the use of glue, scissors and crayons improves the use of hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills.”

Both the discussion and craft portions of the sessions were put into practice when the Book Buddies heard their first story, Buffalo Fluffalo by Bess Kalb, the story of a buffalo proud of its fluffy mane who faces a surprise twist. It teaches the lesson that a person’s personality is what matters most, not what he or she looks like.

The kids then created their own buffaloes by using a ripped brown paper bag that was then rolled into a ball to represent each buffalo’s “fluffalo,” as Kramer described it. They also created clouds using cotton balls.

Upcoming stories to be read and discussed at Book Buddies’ sessions include The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach; The Hidden Rainbow, by Christie Matheson; and The Bad Seed by Jory John.

The sessions are free but parents are required to register their children in advance either in person at the library or by calling (856) 848-9149.

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