Council awardees include teachers and Cub Scouts

Joseph Metz/The Sun
Teacher of the year awards were among five categories honored by council. A business of the month citation went to the township’s School of Rock.

Deptford council opened its April 1 meeting with the presentation of several awards to recognize the work of individuals and groups in the community.

The honors were for the Arrow of Light Cub Scout awards; business of the month; teachers of the month; education services professional of the year; and school counselor of the year.

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Each of the five award winners got a certificate from the council recognizing its accomplishment.

The Arrow of Light Award – the highest in Cub Scouting – went to two boys whose parents asked that they remain anonymous. They were accompanied to the council meeting by Pack Committee chairwoman Sharon Galda.

“That’s something that they’ll be able to wear on their Scout uniform,” she explained. “When they get to be an adult – if they’re helping as a leader – there’s a knot that you can wear on your uniform.”

Business of the month went to the School of Rock on Almonesson Road, which instructs kids and adults on proficiency in rock music, including lessons in guitar and bass. Its students also perform shows at other schools in neighboring communities.

School of Rock owner Matt Glick accepted the award.

“It’s the best place on Earth in my opinion,” he said. “To be recognized for this is wonderful. We get to see an estimated 100 smiling kids, and it’s a beautiful feeling. We are sharing the love of music, obviously, but also just how to be a person.”

The teachers of the month and education services professionals of the year for the Deptford school district went to multiple individuals.

Teachers cited were high-school music instructor Amy Gigliotti; kindergarten teacher Nikki Miller; Good Intent School’s Heather Preston; and Lake Tract School’s Vanessa LaTorre, Nicole Fring, Amy Ellens and fifth grade teacher Anne Jefferson.

The education services professionals were Christine Heany, Ellen Williams, Lindsay Quinones and Melissa Moore. Only Heany was able to attend the meeting.

“Deptford Township teachers of the year and education services professional of the year candidates are selected by their peers,” noted Mayor Paul Medany. “They demonstrate leadership in education and student activities, in addition to having earned the respect and admiration of students, parents, colleagues and basically all the residents of Deptford Township.”

The student counselor of the year award went to Deptford Middle School’s Carolann Newman, who was accompanied to the meeting by her family.

Members of council praised the award recipients during remarks at the end of their session.

“I just want to congratulate all the winners,” said Councilman Bill Lamb. “As far as the teachers and counselors are concerned, I just want to let them know that the mayor and council support our teachers in Deptford Township.”

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