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Free 10-minute parking returns to Haddonfield

Free minutes only available via app

Emily Liu/The Sun
Cpl. Kevin Grygon and officer Collin Steward were commended for deescalating a situation with a in crisis.

As of March 25, residents have restored their 10 minutes of free parking in Haddonfield if it is done through the Premium Parking app for both street parking and parking lots as approved at the recent commissioners meeting. Following the adoption of the ordinance, when signing in to the app, one of the options now offers 10 free minutes of parking.

“It won’t charge you a fee or anything, you put in your license plate, unless you already have your account set up,” Police Chief Jason Cutler explained. “You park for free and then it’ll give you a 2- or 3- minute warning, and it’ll text you saying, ‘Hey, your free time is up, would you like to add time?’ and you can add time right from your phone.”

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The 10 minutes of free parking will only take effect if residents use the app to pay, they cannot do 10 minutes of free parking through kiosk or cash.

During the meeting, commissioners also clarified that the parking rate is $0.50 per hour for both street and lot parking in Haddonfield, but on the app, it charges a $1 minimum – or two hours of parking – and adds a $0.35 surcharge.

Senior residents are also eligible to apply for a senior parking pass at $20 per year that allows them to park anywhere for any amount of time. This can be done through the Haddonfield Police website at https://www.haddonfieldpolice.com/.

Commissioners also issued several certificates of commendations for the following officers:

  • Officer Anne Donnelly, for her assistance and care for young children when assisting on call to a surrounding community “on location to what became a homicide scene.”
  • Sgt. James Ervin and officer Joni Frangieh were commended for a vehicle-theft investigation that resulted in the apprehension and arrest of two suspects. Cutler noted that there had been several vehicle thefts from pizza delivery drivers, and after they found a stolen car in the parking lot, the two officers checked other lots, leading to the discovery of a stolen vehicle with two people inside.
  • Cpl. Kevin Grygon and officer Collin Steward were recognized for the way they handled a call to remove a patron from a commercial property and for deescalating the situation.

“Instead of just kicking him out or kicking him to the street, not only did they spend time with this individual, but instead of getting locked up, they got him help,” said Cutler. “After he was out of crisis, he came into the police office a few weeks later and commended the officers for what a great job they did, and that never happens when somebody is in crisis.” said Cutler.

The commissioners also issued several proclamations naming April Lions Sight Awareness Month, Alcohol Awareness Month, Autism Awareness Month, Haddonfield Sculpture Month, Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month. They also cited the 150th anniversary of Haddon Grange and declared April 14 Rev. Dr. Anthony C. Talton Day, to honor the pastor’s 19th pastoral anniversary at Mount Olivet church in Haddonfield.

In other news:

  • Commissioners approved a bond ordinance on second reading for the acquisition of a tree truck for public works
  • They introduced on first reading a repealed and replaced ordinance for commercial filming in Haddonfield to make it more up to date


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