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Young trio ‘charms’ Shoppes at Medford Mill owner

Photo by Kathy Chang/The Sun Anthony Chiusano and Riley Orio run and manage Charmony Bracelets with Avery DeMarco. The pre-teens are the youngest business vendor at the Shoppes at Medford Mill.

When Kristine Costello, owner of the Shoppes at Medford Mill, was approached with a business deal, she just couldn’t turn away.

Behind the business deal were Anthony Chiusano, Riley Orio and Avery DeMarco, who run and manage Charmony Bracelets and sell handmade bracelets and pens. Costello has 60 plus vendors at the Shoppes, so what made Charmony Bracelets stand out?

“Anthony walked in and asked about margins,” she recalled, adding she was taken by their story.

“He was also polite and had the firmest handshake, Costello added of Chiusano.

He and his partners happen to be the youngest vendors Costello has at the historic Medford Mill, a group of three sixth graders who attend the same school.

Orio is creative director of Charmony Bracelets. She started making the products when her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. Orio raised $3,500 and donated every last penny to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It takes her two minutes to make a bracelet.

Photo By Kathy Chang/The Sun

DeMarco is also a bracelet creator and inspirational bracelet manager of Charmony Bracelets. Chiusano is on the business end as salesman and marketing director.

The trio initially began selling bracelets to families and friends, but wanted to take it to the next level. The opportunity from Costello essentially left the young entrepreneurs speechless. When they approached her, they didn’t think she would offer them a space.

“I told them, ‘Don’t let anyone tell you no’ and remain persistent,” Costello remembered.

And that’s what the trio continues to do as it continues to refine the business. Charmony Bracelets offers handmade products, and the store has branched out to offer keychains and pens.

Photo By Kathy Chang/The Sun
Photo By Kathy Chang/The Sun
Photo By Kathy Chang/The Sun

Chiusano, Orio and DeMarco continue to promote their business and story on social media. They also participate in township festivities and offer custom merchandise for different seasons, holidays, causes and fundraisers. Their next cause is a local autism charity.

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