Township wants to improve bicycle infrastructure

Courtesy of Deptford Township
A bike proposal is part of the township’s circulation plan to find the best ways of moving people around town.

Deptford’s council wants to use a plan first introduced in February to improve its bicycle infrastructure.

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Improvements laid out in the plan would include adding bike lanes to some streets and increasing areas for residents to safely and securely park a bicycle, including at Deptford Mall.

The bike proposal is part of the township’s circulation plan to find the best ways of moving people around town. The plan would be funded with help from the Philadelphia-based Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC).

“We’re trying to support bicycle use in Deptford,” said Mayor Paul Medany. “We want safety for bicyclists, and we’re trying to make it more convenient and easier for residents.”

While there are already bike lanes in the township – including those on Cooper Street and Almonesson Road – many township roadways are not wide enough to support bike lanes to sit beside them. The bike plan would add lanes where a street is wide enough.

The bike proposal would also take into account heavy vehicle traffic in Deptford, according to Medany.

“The plan addresses ways that bicyclists can co-mingle with other vehicles,” he explained. “There’s a lot of vehicles in Deptford, since everyone uses a car to get around. We’re looking to encourage people to use their bike to travel to places closer to them, such as a convenience store.”

The township wants to survey residents – bicyclists and non-bicyclists alike – on the bike plan at an online survey or via the township website and Facebook page. Comments can be added regarding current bike lanes and routes designated on an interactive map. Comments will be accepted until late April.

If approved, the bike proposal would take up to a year to see fruition, said Medany. A public hearing will be held to finalize it, at a date yet to be set.

“We’re looking to hear from residents for feedback,” Medany emphasized. “We’ve already had representatives from the mall, local businesses, organizations and Rowan College come to the municipal building for feedback. We’re trying to reach out to everyone for what we can do.”

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