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Guest column: Committeeperson Fetbroyt on the power of women

“Women’s Day is not about applauding women for being good mothers, sisters, wives, daughters. It is about recognizing that this is the actual problem. Because this applause doesn’t serve women. This applause ensures women serve men.”Author Farida D.

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This was a tough one for me. Those of you who know me know I enjoy applauding others’
accomplishments, especially women. I’m a consummate cheerleader. Still, this quote from author Farida D. resonates.

Why? March marks Women’s History Month, a month dedicated to honoring the achievements and contributions of women throughout American history. It is a time to recognize that without the pivotal roles women have played in fields such as science, business, sports, literature, art, and law, our community and nation wouldn’t be the same.

These contributions of women have often been overlooked, hence the significance of learning the names and faces of women change-makers and recognizing the courageousness of these women to stand up to forces aimed at
discrediting them.

But, reflecting on Farida D.’s quote, I am suddenly aware that recognition and celebration aren’t enough. This month, and every month, I ask you to join me in finding ways to not only celebrate and honor women, but to support and empower them.

  1. Mentor. Find mentorship program in your workplace or community or focus on inspiring
    your friends and sisters. Need inspiration? The United Nations Population Fund has a
    workbook with empowerment activities you can facilitate with your group of strong
  2. Amplify. Like Mayor Mike giving me this column! Find ways to amplify the voices,
    advance the words, and spread the ideas of women you respect.
  3. Credit. I’ll take this opportunity to credit my assistant, Shruti Nair, for helping me put
    together this article and telling me that, this year, the National Women’s History Alliance
    has designated Women’s History Month to celebrate Women Who Advocate for Equity,
    Diversity, and Inclusion. That theme emphasizes the significance of embracing
    everyone, hearing from different voices, and bridging gaps in inequality. Women are
    using the objectives of equity, diversity, and inclusion as driving forces in shaping and
    developing institutions of federal agencies, education, businesses, and more. Thanks,
  4. Share the burden. While I certainly won’t discourage you from assisting your female
    partners with actual workload, I ask you to consider the invisible load typically borne
    almost exclusively by the women in your life: the mom who manages schoolwork and
    extracurricular activities; the wife who plans, shops and prepares all meals; the co-
    worker who schedules meetings and takes minutes; and the admin who ensures the coffee is stocked.
  5. Volunteer. Find opportunities to volunteer or contribute to organizations helping women
    find safety from violence, satisfy food insecurity, donate professional clothing, lead a girl
    scout troop, or something else that speaks to you.
  6. Listen. Sometimes just hearing women speak – their ideas, feelings, thoughts, feedback –
    in an intentional manner, without reactionary response, “speaks” volumes. Attention and
    focus is a scarce resource in our tech-heavy, distraction laden world. Pay attention to the
    women in your orbit. Women have fought as heroes on our battlefield, invented life-changing medicines, led the effort to end slavery, created businesses, and fought to secure the right to vote.
  7. So, yes – March is a time to celebrate and be inspired by every woman who shapes our community. Let’s be sure we are all working to ensure women have the support and resources to continue contributing greatly to our society.

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