Police message to remember Bobby Shisler

Courtesy of Deptford Township Police Department

Following is message from the Deptford police department

“When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.”

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March 10, 2023 was a year ago this month. It was a Friday. The day started out like so many before. Patrol Officer Robert “Bobby” Shisler, badge No. 5273, was out doing a job in which he excelled. Bobby was serving the residents of Deptford Township, serving residents in a town that he loved. And as we all now know, the town truly loved him back.

While Bobby was protecting our residents, he became engaged with a violent, armed felon. Rather than retreat, Bobby pushed on; he pushed on because he knew he could not allow this person to injure any innocent person in town. Bobby’s actions that day – and throughout his career – were heroic and brave.

Bobby still serves the residents of Deptford Township, as all of the Deptford officers strive to be as he was. We love Bobby with all our hearts, and his memory drives us to be better at our chosen profession.

A message to the Shisler family:

Simply put, we love you very much. The strength you have exhibited over these past 12 months has been nothing short of remarkable. You have been our rock. Bobby changed our lives in so many ways and he will be remembered every single day for the hero he was. Thank you for allowing us to serve with him.

As this (was) written, we are blessed with your other son, Tyler, in our ranks. We promise to look after him and protect him, although he’s more than capable of protecting himself. He’s become a wonderful public servant and we are extremely proud of him.

To our residents:

Thank you for all your support. The love and compassion that you’ve shown us has been simply amazing. At our lowest, you lifted us up. We love you and we will always be in your corner.

As you go on … please take a moment and remember our hero, Patrol Officer Robert “Bobby” Shisler, badge No. 5273.

Til we meet again.

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