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‘I’m deeply honored’

Ryan Borkowski becomes 13th chief of the Monroe police department

Kathy Chang/The Sun
Monroe Police Chief Craig Monahan pins Ryan Borkowski, who began his career with the department in 1998.

A blue torch was passed as Monroe Police Chief Craig Monahan performed one of his last duties as chief of police at a township council meeting on Feb. 28: He introduced and pinned Lt. Ryan Borkowski, the new and 13th chief of the department.

“I’m proud to stand here before you with the confidence and knowledge that this individual will continually stride to achieve excellence and high standards for the officers and community of Monroe Township,” Monahan said before he introduced Borkowski, his “fellow officer, brother in blue and friend.”

Monahan retired on March 1.

Borkowski earned a finance degree from Seton Hall University before his career in law enforcement. A 1996 graduate of the Gloucester County Police Academy, he began his career with the Amtrak police department in Philadelphia. In April 1998, he joined the Monroe department and was assigned to the patrol division.

Borkowski served as a DARE and L.E.A.D (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) officer for more than 15 years, and in March 1999, he was assigned as an original member of the department’s entry team. He was promoted to squad leader in 2010 and to team leader – where he remains – in 2019.

Borkowski spent four years with the department’s Community Response Unit, and in 2015, rose to the rank of patrol sergeant, overseeing the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), a role in which he remains. In 2021, he was promoted to lieutenant and continues to oversee the Community Response Unit and school resource officers.

Mayor Greg Wolfe – a retired Monroe detective – swore in Borkowski.

“Today marks a significant moment in my career, one that fills me with both pride and humility,” the new chief remarked. “As I accept the esteemed position of chief of police, I’m deeply honored by the trust placed in me to lead this exceptional police department.”

Borkowski thanked Monahan for his kind words; his brother, retired Washington Township Police Capt. Rob Borkowski, for his guidance and support; and his mom, wife and children for their unwavering support.

Chief Borkowski shared that his late father was probably looking down on him, nudging his brother Tom with a familiar phrase: “My two sons aren’t cops because of me, they are cops in spite of me,” followed by a roaring laugh and knee slap.

“Standing here, I’m aware of the immense responsibility that comes with this position,” Borkowski acknowledged. “In my interview, I was asked, ‘When did I start preparing for chief of police?’ My answer was easy and honest. I started to prepare the day I was hired.

“I pledge then as I do now to serve the community with unwavering dedication, a commitment to our officers (and) to residents of our town,” he added. “I extend my sincere appreciation for your trust and confidence in me throughout my career. Your concerns and voices … are the driving force behind our mission, which is to protect and serve you and visitors of this town.”

Borkowski went on to describe community-oriented policing as part of that mission, recognizing the essential role law enforcement plays in safeguarding the township..

“It strengthens the bonds between law enforcement and our neighborhoods – and it’s imperative,” he insisted. “Their (officers’) dedication and sacrifice deserve our utmost adoration and support. As chief, I’m committed in ensuring they have the resources, the guidance necessary to excel in their duties while promoting their health, well-being and their safety.

“I reiterate my commitment to serving as chief of police with honor, integrity and compassion.”

Along with the Borkowski’s promotion to police chief, there were a number of additional supervisory promotions and new officers sworn in at the township council meeting. An article about the promotions and new officers will appear in the next edition of the Williamstown Sun.

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