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Motown ‘forever’ a part of local performer’s life

Bianca Ingram's youth in the area inspires her Atlantic City performances

Tiffany Hartman
Bianca Ingram spent her formative years in Voorhees and Sicklerville and is a regular in the long-running Atlantic City production of “Motown Forever.”

Singer and entertainer Bianca Ingram is currently entertaining audiences at Borgata’s Music Box with her soulful renditions of Motown classics and a background inspired by growing up in Voorhees and Sicklerville.

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As one of the lead singers in the show “Motown Forever,” Ingram is joined every Sunday by eight lead singers, a full live band, and six dancers to deliver a nostalgic journey through an iconic musical era.

Through her teenage years, Ingram cultivated a deep-seated love for music, one that was inspired by a family of performers.

“They were in a group called Ingram,” she said. “My aunts, The Sweeties, are the most recorded background vocalists of all time. I’m dedicating my performances this run to my Uncle Johnny, who recently passed in 2023, because he always shared his mic and spotlight with me.”

That musical heritage legacy led Ingram to start her professional career as a child.

“I started doing the Motown shows when I was 4 years old in Atlantic City,” the 33-year-old recalled, “so it really is full circle for me. I never wanted to do anything else.”

“Motown Forever” is a hit not only at the Borgata but other venues around the U.S. and Canada. Ingram has become a vital part of the show’s ensemble since she joined the production in 2018, after friends suggested she audition. Initially signed to a two-month contract, Ingram has been a consistent presence in the show ever since and has found the production has wide appeal.

“The Borgata holds 1,000 people,” she noted. “Most of our shows do sell out, including our opening night (in 2018). That sold out completely.”

Ingram’s favorite part of performing at Borgata is showing the audience a good time.

“Seeing the audience’s faces,” she noted. “You can really see that you are taking the people back to a time when they were younger. The music really brings them joy.”

The Marlton resident also focuses on balancing her roles as a mother of two children, wife, and performer, emphasizing quality time with family.

“I am only able to do anything at all with the support of my mother and husband,” she acknowledged. “Being present when I’m with my family is of utmost importance to me, because those moments are irreplaceable.”

Ingram has had challenges in her career, including a pivotal moment during the release of her first album, “Linguistics,” in 2013. Faced with pressure to conform to how label executives felt she should appear, Ingram said she chose authenticity, walked away from such companies and found creative ways to express herself.

As she says, “Authenticity is the winner.”

Ingram shares her experience with aspiring performers through her businesses, including “Amazonian Nights Live” – a safe space for female performers to connect – and her “Amazonian Nights Podcast,” where artists share their industry experiences. Ingram also has a consulting agency that offers advice to performers on making a living doing what they love.

Incorporating personal experiences into her performances, Ingram believes that art stems from one’s life.

“Your art comes from your personal experiences,” she offered. “You can’t emote something that you’ve never experienced.”

Ingram has also had memorable interactions with some audiences that made a difference in their lives. One fan, going through a challenging time, found solace in “Motown Forever,” while four inspired children expressed their desire to follow in Ingram’s footsteps.

Tickets for “Motown Forever” can be purchased at Borgata’s official website. To stay updated and connected with Bianca Ingram, follow her on social media @whoisbianca or visit her website for information on her albums, including her recent release, “Decennial,” and her celebrating of 10 years as a performer.


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