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The importance of being kind

Washington Township resident pens two kids' books on the subject

Photos courtesy of Holly Mazzochi
A page from “Bently the Bully” by Holly Mazzochi, a book that teaches kids life lessons of “loving our enemies and forgiveness.”

Life lessons on the importance of being kind and the importance of good sportsmanship emanate from Holly Mazzochi’s two recent published children’s books – “Bently The Bully” and “Molly’s Magic.”

Mazzochi, a special-education teacher and township resident, shared what led her to write her books.

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  1. How did these two book ideas come about?

As a young girl, I loved to read and I loved to write. My favorite children’s authors growing up were Shel Silverstein (“Where The Sidewalk Ends and The Giving Tree”) and Roald Dahl (“Matilda and The Twits”). After reading their books, I had this desire in me to create my own story one day. I ended up writing “Bently The Bully” in my childhood bedroom when I was 16 and a version of “Molly’s Magic” as well. After putting off publishing a book for many years, COVID happened. Being at home during the lockdowns is when I decided to seriously pursue publishing my work. I sent out “Bently The Bully” to Christian Faith Publishing and the rest is history.

  1. Are these the first books you have written?

Yes! I wrote my first children’s book “Bently The Bully” at the age of 16. “Bently The Bully” was finally published in November 2020 by Christian Faith Publishing. In September 2023, “Molly’s Magic,” my second children’s book, was released. 

  1. What are your goals for these books now that they are published? 

Now that my books have been published, I am trying to get both “Bently The Bully” and “Molly’s Magic” out into the world. I would love to see (them) in stores across the country as well as in multiple libraries. My hope is that one of my stories is a favorite story that encourages a child to create. My personal goal is to be more active on my social media author page (posting book giveaways and sales) as well as in my community (school readings, book signings, little free library drop offs).

  1. Please tell me about yourself and what you want the public to take away from your books?

I am a special education teacher in New Jersey. I have always had a love for books whether it is reading them or writing them. It must be the teacher in me because I like creating stories that teach valuable life lessons. 

I want the public to take away two important life lessons from “Bently The Bully.” My story teaches the importance of loving our enemies and forgiveness. What shows true character is how we treat those who may not be as enjoyable to be around. We are called to love them anyway. The character Harvey does just that and shows Bently grace by offering to be his friend. Bently is so moved by Harvey’s kindness that he has a change of heart. When Bently decides to stop being a bully, Harvey not only forgives him completely, but he also doesn’t hold a grudge towards Bently. Bently is welcomed back wholeheartedly into the playground.

A page from “Molly’s Magic,” which teaches life lessons of sportsmanship.

In “Molly’s Magic,” I want the public to take away one important life lesson; good sportsmanship and how to be happy for others. When character Penelope wins the crown, Molly shines her own magic from within to be happy for her friend. I love the idea of having an abundance mindset instead of having a scarcity mindset. There is enough for us all to succeed, let’s live life cheering each other on.


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