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Empowering tomorrow’s leaders

Eastern senior's project focuses on preparing peers to vote

Paige Huber stands by a voter registration table during her Eastern High School initiative to encourage voting.

In an effort to foster political engagement among her peers, an Eastern Regional High School senior took the lead in organizing a voter registration initiative this month as part of her Gifted and Talented (GT) program passion project.

Paige Huber’s initiative emphasized the empowering of students to exercise their civic duty and make their voices heard.

Her decision to focus on voting literacy and participation was deeply rooted in her long-standing passion for politics and social justice. Recognizing a lack of interest in world issues among her peers, Huber saw an opportunity to bridge the gap and emphasize the impact of the youth vote.

“I’ve noticed the impact that youth does have when they do show up to vote,” she explained.

Huber paid special attention to how an increase in young voter registration can directly influence issues important to young people, such as higher-education spending and climate change.

Huber started to plan and organize her project last June of the previous year. Collaborating with Eastern Principal Robert Tull and Gifted and Talented teacher Tracie Palmer, she meticulously mapped out the timeline for the voting drive. Volunteers were trained by representatives from the Camden County Clerk’s Office to ensure a smooth registration process.

Overcoming the challenge in garnering interest, Huber conducted a survey among her peers to identify their top-priority issues. Armed with that information, she designed impactful posters highlighting current events and issues that directly affect the student body.

Huber also worked with fellow students, teachers, and administrators on the project. Regular meetings with Palmer and Tull helped finalize dates and poster designs. Working closely with computer graphics teacher Brian McConnell, she printed and displayed posters throughout the school. The maintenance crew played a vital role in setting up registration stations.

Some of Huber’s friends in the Gifted and Talented program who shared her passion offered to help, meaning Huber had three different stations and more than 12 volunteers.

Huber envisions a lasting impact from the voter registration initiative, with increased youth turnout at elections, both locally and nationally. By preregistering her peers, she hopes to elevate the importance of issues affecting young voters and inspire politicians to prioritize their concerns.

Huber’s ultimate goal was to close the voting gap and create a more politically engaged and empowered generation. And her singular devotion to the topic spoke to the potential of more student activism.

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