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An energy-rich school fundraiser

Middle-schoolers from Berlin Community School illuminate the Color Run event, where students ran laps with glow sticks.

Berlin Community School hosted a Color Run on Feb. 15 at the community center that spanned the entire school day.

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The event – organized in collaboration with the Berlin Community Home and School Association and Booster Fundraising – raised funds for future school events, student needs, and essential learning tools.

The Color Run transformed the community center into a spectacle with rope lights; disco balls; tents and flags; cones; and tunnels creating a glowing, neon racetrack. District students were divided into groups from the elementary and middle schools. A soundtrack of high-energy music was the backdrop as students ran 30 to 35 glowing laps with glow sticks and participated in dance competitions.

Courtney Whitman, a member of the home and school association, had a crucial role in the event, and under the leadership of Principals Therese Bonmati of the middle school and Lindsay Hickman of the elementary school, the Color Run had widespread participation from parents, staff and students.

Booster – founded in 2002 to conduct fundraisers for school sports and clubs around the country – made the Color Run possible. Its mission to merge fundraising and fun aligns with the importance of advocating for school fitness fundraisers, especially at a time when student physical activity is said to be declining.

Hickman shared her excitement at the success of the event.

“Our school building raised over $22,000,” she said. “Parents and family members made the donations and students got to do a maximum of 30 laps.”

A Booster team decorated for the event and infused it with high energy, consistently lifting the spirits of the kids all day. Natalie Cruz – a program leader for Booster – emphasized the positive atmosphere and sense of community in working together for a great cause.

Teachers witnessed their students enjoying time outside the confines of the classroom, all in support of a meaningful cause. Andy Snyder, a special needs teacher, underscored the tremendous opportunity the event provide. Fifth-grade teacher Cailee Rinaldi was buoyed at the idea of raising funds for the betterment of the students.

The Color Run at Berlin Community School not only raised significant funds but created memories for students, said those involved. Photos were taken to preserve those memories.

For more information about Booster fundraising, visit https://www.choosebooster.com/dance-fundraisers

To view more photos of the event, go to www.facebook.com/theberlinsun


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