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Scholarships for health-care workers

The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office will provide free scholarships to county health-care professionals so they can earn state-mandated continuing medical education provided by the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ).

The PDFNJ webinar, “Do No Harm: Exploring Strategies for Safer Prescribing of Opioids,” is tailored to a wide range of health-care professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists, and medical students. The education initiative aligns with New Jersey’s 2017 opioid legislation, which not only limits initial opioid prescriptions to a five-day supply but also mandates that providers discuss opioid risks and alternative pain management options with patients. 

“This unique approach, providing continuing medical education to prescribers, is a natural intersection for law enforcement and the medical community,” said the county’s Acting Prosecutor, Christine Hoffman. “The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey has been a trusted ally in our ongoing battle against opioid abuse affecting Gloucester residents.”

This program represents a collaborative effort between Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties. PDFNJ’s accredited online course features medical, law enforcement and legal experts discussing the impact of the opioid epidemic on New Jersey and providing the most updated information on how to prescribe opioids safely and responsibly to patients.

“We aim to equip health-care professionals in Gloucester County and beyond with the latest pain management and opioid prescribing knowledge,” said Angelo Valente, executive director of PDFNJ. “This initiative is crucial for reducing opioid misuse and ensuring comprehensive, informed patient care.”

For more information on the accredited curriculum, visit drugfreenj.org/TriCountySafeRx.

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