Coffee, cops and conversation

College hosts outreach event with township police

The community outreach event Coffee With a Cop brought together staff, residents and Camden County College students for an afternoon of conversation and collaboration.

Gloucester Township police hosted Coffee With a Cop on Feb. 7 at the Camden County College Connector Building Café in Blackwood.

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The community outreach event brought together staff, residents, and students – particularly those studying criminal justice – for an afternoon of conversation and collaboration.

Camden County shared the event on its Instagram page, capturing moments of connection between students and township officers. Lt. Paul P. Fisher, Community Relations Bureau commander of the police department, expressed gratitude to the college for hosting the event.

In an interview, he highlighted the multifaceted role of the bureau, which combines elements of traditional policing, modern community relations and public affairs.

“Our goal is to utilize police volunteers and officers in as many community events as possible, such as coffee, pizza or ice cream with a cop,” Fisher explained. “These events serve as a platform to bring residents together with each other and the police, fostering positive, face-to-face interactions.

“It allows for open discussions about neighborhood issues, collaboration on solutions, or simply a chance for the community to say hello.”

Community Relations Bureau responsibilities include organizing police volunteers and chaplains, addressing local business issues and security, managing Neighborhood Watch programs, recruitings and organizing varied community events.

“The (community) conversations can range from a simple hello to questions about local ordinances, businesses, or even providing valuable crime intelligence,” Fisher noted. “These events create a more approachable image of the police, breaking down barriers between law enforcement and the public.”

The Gloucester Township police actively promote their events through community messaging platforms, social media and word of mouth. Residents can register for the department’s community notification platform, which includes future events, road closures and important updates.

Regarding recruitment efforts, Fisher pointed to a recent event at Camden County College where police engaged with students studying criminal justice and provided information about career opportunities in law enforcement.

“We are always looking for local businesses to partner with for events or security checks,” he pointed out. “Measuring effectiveness involves various factors, from job applicants and Citizens Police Academy participants, to increased community engagement on social media.

“Ultimately, if we can provide advice or assistance to someone in need, we consider it a successful event.”

Coffee With a Cop is a national nonprofit that began in 2011 to promote positive police interaction with residents and the community. Individual police departments around the country celebrate their own versions in local municipalities every year.

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