Township decorating contest winners announced

Joseph Metz/The Sun
Winners of the Christmas decorating contest join township council members. Each of them got a certificate recognizing their accomplishments and a gift card.

Deptford council announced the winners of the community’s Halloween and Christmas house decorating contests – as well as second- and third-place winners – at its Feb. 5 meeting.

First place in both contests went to Sherry Mecouch. Second place in the Halloween contest went to Dawn Condo and third place to Stella Gesner. For the Christmas contest, second place went to the Nochief family and third went to Steve Vanley.

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The winners of each contest got a certificate recognizing their accomplishments and a gift card. Both competitions were run by the township’s parks and recreation department.

“We have the house decorating contests each year that we run through the recreation department,” said Recreation Director Charlie Kirchner. “First of all, we can’t stop thanking the council and mayor for their continued support of recreation in Deptford Township.

“We have a lot of events, way more than we had a few years ago, and it’s all because of you,” he told Mayor Paul Medany and council.

The mayor also addressed the crowd and thanked the recreation department for its efforts.

“The governing body couldn’t do this without the folks who actually do the work,” he noted, citing recreation department Secretary Roseann Foschini, Kirchner and the department’s Josie Mcgrath.

“Everybody who joins in and everybody at the township, too,” Medany said. You (Kirchner) thank us, but we thank you.”

Later on in the meeting, other members of the council also acknowledged the contests, the recreation department and the participating residents.

“I just want to congratulate all the winners,” said Councilman Bill Lamb. “I want to thank the recreation department; they’re doing an outstanding job, and all the residents for participating in the Halloween (and Christmas) stuff. I told my wife to decorate, but she didn’t go all out, so it’s her fault.”

“Fantastic job to all the winners,” said Councilwoman Brandi Leidy. “I got the chance to drive around and see them and some of them were just amazing. They took a lot of time with that and we appreciate it.”

The next council meeting is a work session at 6 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 26.

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