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Warnings about teen online behavior

Library event focuses on three issues that can pose danger to youth

In today’s interconnected world – where technology plays a central role in the lives of younth – it becomes imperative to address three significant concerns affecting students: sexting, cyberbullying and vaping.

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Those concerns were among topics of an informative presentation on at the Ann A. Mullen Middle School library on Jan. 30. The event was a collaboration between the Gloucester Township school district and township police.

Parents and guardians were invited to attend the session, aimed at raising awareness and providing valuable insights into the challenges their children may face in the digital age. The escalating issues of sexting, the nuances of cyberbullying and the growing concern of vaping among adolescents were discussed.

Speakers included experts from both the education and law-enforcement sectors who offered a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape that surrounds children in the online and off-line worlds. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in open talks, ask questions and learn practical tips.

Sexting involves the sharing of explicit messages, photos or videos via digital devices. While it may seem like harmless self-expression to some, it has serious legal and social ramifications. Sharing intimate content can lead to unintended consequences like legal issues, reputational damage and potential harm to personal relationships.

Experts say it’s crucial for students to understand the potential risks and consequences associated with sexting and to prioritize respectful communication online.

Cyberbullying encompasses various forms of online harassment, ranging from hurtful comments and rumors to the sharing of embarrassing information. The anonymity provided by digital platforms can intensify cyberbullying’s effect at causing emotional distress and mental-health issues. Students, the library presentation made clear, must report any instances of the behavior to trusted adults or authorities.

The rise of vaping is concerning because of its potential health risks. Thought to be less dangerous than cigarettes, vaping products often contain nicotine and other harmful substances that can do damage, especially in developing bodies. Students should be educated about vaping’s health consequences and the potential for addiction.

The presentation noted that staying away from sexting, cyberbullying and vaping is essential because:

  • Engaging in sexting or cyberbullying can lead to legal repercussions, impacting future opportunities and personal freedom.
  • Participation in cyberbullying can harm others emotionally.
  • Respectful communication and avoidance of explicit content contributes to building positive and healthy relationships online or off.
  • Distancing from these activities allows students to focus on their education and personal growth without the distractions and potential consequences of risky behavior.

Open communication, education and community support – as discussed during the library event – are essential in guiding students toward better online behavior, a goal that is shared by township schools and the police. Both want to emphasize the importance of collaboration between schools and law enforcement in that effort.


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