The wingman’s path to positivity

Haddon Township author shares transformative power to change lives

Author and “wingman” Michael Gross sees himself as a source of hope and positivity in print and online.

Author Michael Gross’ huge following has moved from print to online.

The Pennsylvania native and resident of Haddon Township recently provided a snapshot of his life via video, something he does often – along with in-person events and classes – to promote positivity and help change lives.

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The author of “The Wingman’s Path to Positivity,” Gross sees himself as a source of hope and positivity for his “wing mates.” In a recent interview, he shared insights into his journey, the inspiration behind his book, and the transformative power of practicing positive energy.

For years, Gross was known to family and friends as “the best wingman.” He transitioned from the investment and insurance business, embarking on a journey to learn about that transformative power, one that has taken him and his wife on trips around the world, and a life they have consciously created.

“Being your own wingman teaches you to rely on and trust your own instincts,” he says on his website, “And so my practice involves daily ‘staff meetings’ with myself, the parts of me that are responsible for bringing in new clients, keeping my relationships harmonious, looking for ways to bring more fulfillment into my life and growing into a more confident, happy and relaxed person.”

Gross described the two pivotal elements that fueled his book and online career. First, he discovered how to live life at a higher vibration, what he calls an easily duplicated and simple concept he believes could benefit many. Second, he aimed to prove the truth of his teachings.

Reflecting on his own school days – when the idea of becoming an author seemed improbable – he recalled the spark he felt at a Rhode Island restaurant during a chance encounter that inspired him to embrace positivity.

While Gross didn’t initially view himself as a social media influencer, he acknowledged the role he inadvertently plays in the online space. Positivity became his focal point, he recounts, due to its transformative impact on his own life. Fascinated by the teachings of masters from different fields about the power of a mindset, Gross decided to simplify the lessons learned into one-minute, impactful routines.

Consistency comes naturally to Gross as he practices what he preaches. Each morning, he consciously chooses the energy he wants to project, reinforcing the interconnectedness of individuals. He offers a straightforward piece of advice: “Keep it simple.”

To do that, he starts each day with a one-minute practice such as smiling or repeating affirmations that he teaches can pave the way for positive changes. The key, he emphasizes, is to make it a habit, an integral part of daily life.

Gross said he expects his second book, “You Have to Create a Routine of Positive Energy,” to be released later this year. He wants to offer free membership to The Wingmate Coalition for Positive Energy this month, enabling more individuals to initiate their positive energy routine.

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