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Pink for breast cancer

Gala honors women who've gone through breast cancer support program

Inspiring Life Together (ILT) will hold its first gala, Pink at Night: An Evening to Celebrate, at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 9, at The Merion in Cinnaminson.

The event will be hosted by Dr. Chalice Rhodes and will honor women who have gone through the program, as well as its founding community supporters. There will also be a pink fight performance directed by Aynsley.

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“The pink fight performance is going to be something that highlights the stories of the different women that we’ve served, and also it will showcase a little of my breast cancer journey and how it led to the formation of Inspiring Life Together,” explained Spring Williams, ILT’s founder and president.

According to its website, the organization provides practical goods and services to women and their families while they undergo breast cancer treatment. Williams founded and modeled ILT on the outpouring of support she and her family received during her battle with breast cancer years ago.

ILT accepts up to 12 diagnosed mothers living in South Jersey, and provides care boxes for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery that include items to relieve discomfort throughout each stage of treatment. It also offers options for products such as groceries and toiletries, and services such as lawn care and house cleaning.

“We’re looking forward to allowing the ladies to just be able to be with one another, enjoy each other’s company and be around their families, and being able to look out and see a sea of supporters that have been backing them every step of the way since they entered into the program,” Williams said of the gala. “And also, just educating people about the one in eight statistic that says that one out of every eight women will have some type of a breast cancer diagnosis within (their) lifetime.

“We also want women to know to get their mammograms and just be educated and also look forward to the different advancements that are going to be coming and research for breast health,” she added.

Williams shared how at one point in her journey, she came to the realization that her breast cancer diagnosis was a beautiful gift in an ugly package. Being able to pay it forward to other women and see how it impacts their families and the community confirms that moment when she realized that the beautiful gift in an ugly package was a reality.

“I think that everyone knows somebody or has heard of someone with a breast cancer diagnosis, so I would just hope that this evening (gala) would allow people to walk away knowing that every woman’s journey is different,” Williams added.

“And even though everyone’s journey is different, everyone’s journey can be special and they can help women to know that they are not alone, just by showing up and being present in their lives.”

Other ILT events include Inspiring Craft Day and Inspiring Life Together Goodie Bag Day at the township library. The former sees teen volunteers helping children create crafts with breast cancer patients in mind that are delivered to local cancer centers. Attendees also get a chance to paint a canvas that will be placed in goodie bags for patients.

“There is a space here (Inspiring Life Together) for everybody to serve,’ Williams noted, “because the family dynamic that we’re trying to create for the ladies and also for our team is something that will help us promote overall mental, physical and emotional wellness.”

For more information on Pink at Night, visit www.inspiringlifetogether.org.


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