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Dunkin Donors: Army Hosts blood donation drive in partnership with Dunkin Donuts

The recent blood donation event offered donors the chance to win Super Bowl tickets.

Dunkin’ Donuts and the U.S. Army Reserve Center in Blackwood organized a Red Cross event on Jan. 11 at the latter to support January’s National Blood Donor Month.

The drive’s donors had a chance to win tickets for this year’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas, and got coupons for a free wrap and drink at Dunkin’ Donuts and a free T-shirt.

“This is our second time hosting this event at the reserve center,” said event spokesperson Sgt. Joseph Robert Graves. “We try to do community projects to build community relationships outside of just recruiting. One of our Army values is selfless service, and giving blood is one of the most selfless things we can do.”

Partnering with the Red Cross makes sense Graves noted, since many donors have military affiliations and have donated previously. The possibility of Super Bowl tickets didn’t hurt.

“Who doesn’t want a chance to go to the Super Bowl?” he humorously noted.

Requirements for blood donation include being at least 17 years old, with a weight of at least 110 pounds, and a medical screening.

As for community impact, Graves expressed the hope that other organizations would be motivated to host similar blood donations. He also emphasized that anyone – not just those in the military – can contribute by donating and/or volunteering to spread the word.

While Dunkin’ Donuts and the reserve center have no direct affiliation, their collaboration with the Red Cross made their contributions possible. Graves also noted how blood donation can foster camaraderie and unity and now it could be a common occurrence every month, not just January.

For information on donating, schedule an appointment at redcrossblood.org

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