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Law reelected deputy mayor at reorganization meeting

Councilwoman addresses possible light pollution ordinance

Courtesy of Township Manager Kevin Aberant
Quinton Law (center) took the oath of office from state Sen. Troy Singleton, with Mayor Nicole Gillespie at his side.

Moorestown Township council held its reorganization meeting earlier this month, with the first order of business the reelection of a deputy mayor.

“For three years I have observed someone who very clearly cares about this town and its residents,” said Councilwoman Sue Mammarella of Quinton Law. “I really respect how he engages with people and how they engage back with him …

“It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve with him, and I look forward to continued idea bouncing and progress this year.”

Law – whose term will expire on Dec. 31 – took the oath of office from state Sen. Troy Singleton.

“ … The uniqueness and beauty about this council is they all think independently and have such a wide breadth of diverse ideas and belief in how to move this community forward,” Singleton said. “The central theme of each and every one of them is they believe in moving this community forward.”

“The trust that the great people of Moorestown have placed in them is well recognized and well appreciated and is rewarded with good, honest and ethical service by each and every one of them.”

Items on the meeting agenda included acceptance of resignations and appointments to township committees. For a complete list of those, find the meeting and its agenda under the live meetings tab at www.moorestown.nj.us.

“As the senator said, this is a significant meeting, because it is recognition of the public service from the public,” noted Councilman David Zipin at the meeting. “I just wanted to express appreciation for everybody, whether you’re in an appointment as a professional or a citizen of this town trying to find something you’re interested in and give back, it’s appreciated.”

“I would also like to thank all the members of the public who have volunteered to take on such important roles here in town, and also congratulate and thank those vendors who will be taking on roles serving this town and making sure that it functions the best and most properly for everyone in it,” observed Councilman Christopher Keating.

“Looking ahead, this is my first full meeting,” he added, “and I’m really excited about what this upcoming year is going to look like.”

Mammarella said she looks forward to working on a 2024 dark skies ordinance, a measure that would require all outdoor lighting to face the ground to reduce lighting pollution.

“ … It is something I’ve heard about since I’ve moved here,’ she explained. “People complaining about glare or light trespassing when there’s lights coming into your home (and) keeping you awake. It’s just about really looking for simple and common-sense changes to outdoor lighting … It’s something that we’re really interested in pursuing this year.”

In his closing comments, Law thanked his council colleagues and the community for reelecting him deputy mayor, among other points he emphasized.

“This town has given me everything, and to be up here and just play a little piece of the team that helps move this community forward is truly one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had,” he noted.

“When thinking about 2024, it fills me with pride to see these improvements, not just in our commercial districts, but also our parks,” Law added, “and I feel that we’re taking steps towards fostering a safer Moorestown, regardless of where in our town (residents) can live.”

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