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Monroe registry will deter unwanted solicitors

Residents will be issued 'no-knock' home decals when they sign up

Courtesy of the Monroe Township Police Department
Residents will receive the above free decal sticker to display on their homes if they register for the township’s Do Not Knock Registry.

Monroe residents can now sign up for the township’s Do Not Knock Registry.

The registry went into effect on Dec. 21 and enables residents to register their names and addresses with township police at 125 Virginia Ave. They are then issued a free “no-knock” decal designed by Dune Grass Publishing LLC.

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The sticker can be displayed on a door or window so it can be seen by peddlers and solicitors.

Council introduced the registry as an amendment to the township’s peddling and soliciting ordinance during a November meeting. It was approved after a public hearing and second reading on Nov. 27.

Mayor Greg Wolfe said he sees the registry as a security blanket for residents.

“This does not affect those solicitors and peddlers following the rules,” he emphasized.

Through the initial ordinance, solicitors and sellers have to apply for a license in order to do business in the township. With “no knock,” they will receive a list of those on the registry on whose doors they will be prohibited from knocking.

“When I was first on council, I learned we had a no-solicitation ordinance in effect already,” Wolfe explained, adding that at the time, council believed residents were protected and knew about the measure. Fast forward, and after talking with homeowners, council discussed adopting the registry and learned many did not know about the previous ordinance.

Wolfe said the hope is to deter solicitors and peddlers who are violating the ordinance now that residents know they can put their name and address on the registry and have a decal for their property. As more residents learn about the registry and call in complaints, the township and police will find out about violators in a timely manner.

According to the ordinance, any individual or entity, including – but not limited to – canvassers, peddlers, solicitors, and itinerant vendors in violation of the ordinance is subject to the following:

  • A maximum fine of $1,000 per distinct offense
  • Revocation of any license granted for a period of one calendar year from the date of violation
  • Ineligibility for a new license for a concurrent period of one calendar year from the date of revocation

The Do Not Knock Registry does not prohibit door-to-door solicitation by nonprofit, charitable, religious or political organizations. In order for the ordinance to be enforced, the resident must properly display the decal sticker, according to the police department’s Facebook page.

Residents can speak with one of the police records clerks directly. They are available Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., at the police department. Questions may be directed to Records Supervisor Barb Horcher at (856) 728-9800, ext. 208.


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