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Committee approves ordinances and introduces two more

Ordinances center around zoning and Henry Harris Landfill redevelopment plan.

Joseph Metz / The Sun.

The Harrison Township Committee approved two ordinances and introduced two others during its Dec. 4 work session, a meeting that concluded after about 20 minutes.

The first ordinance designates a section of the county’s Mullica Hill Road as a no-parking zone, the result of a county request that parking be prohibited in the area.

“It’s also known as (Route) 322,” said Township Solicitor Brian Duffield. “As soon as you pass the light, on the left there’s a property that’s approved for development before Mullica Hill Gardens. As a condition of approval for the development, the county has asked us to prohibit parking on that side. So that is what this is for.”

The ordinance was approved by the township committee, with the exception of Mayor Louis Manzo, who was absent. The session was public, but no one addressed the new measure at that time.

The second adopted ordinance updates zoning maps from December of 2022 that were provided by Remington & Vernick, an engineering consulting firm. The measure also saw no public opposition.

The new ordinances will be voted on at the committee’s next meeting. One would require registering a property that is abandoned, and the other would mean adopting a redevelopment plan for Henry Harris landfill. During the meeting’s privilege of the floor for agenda items only, resident Bill White brought with him copies of an earlier preliminary investigation on redevelopment in the landfill area.

“It says here that both sites were known contaminated sites by the New Jersey DEP (Department of Environmental Protection),” said White, who brought up the landfill issue to address concerns he felt the committee should know before its next meeting.

“My question is, were the sites ever closed by the New Jersey DEP?” he asked. “In other words, are they still considered hazardous or were they ever remediated? I don’t know that answer, but I would like to know that answer at the next meeting.”

The committee did not immediately respond to White, but answers are expected at its next session on Monday, Dec. 18, at 7 p.m.

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