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Growing green: Delran trees support sustainability

Courtesy of the Delran Green Team
Trees of Honor at the municipal building are part of the Delran green team’s ongoing efforts. The project supports the team’s tree-planting program, which enables residents to support tree planting while recognizing a loved one.

If you know anything about Delran, you know it is big on going green.

Even New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy came to the township in 2019 to learn about Delran’s efforts to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and sustainability.

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Delran Councilman-at-large Lynn Jeney wrote to The Sun recently touting the Delran Green Team for accomplishing a Sustainable Delran. The effort included the collection of 500 pounds of plastic that Trex – a company that manufactures outdoor material from recycled material – used to create a bench for the township’s community park.

“They have planted over 100 trees in town, cared for them and will continue to plant more this spring,” Jeney noted of the team. “A kindergarten grove was begun. Each year, a kindergarten class will plant a tree and follow its growth as they grow as well. The Green Team has achieved a bronze designation from Sustainable New Jersey, as well as grants to support their work.

“I could go on …”

The team’s latest initiative – Trees of Honor at the municipal building – continues its green effort. It supports the team’s tree-planting program, which provides “a great way for residents to support tree planting while recognizing a loved one,” Jeney said.

All donations from the initiative will go to the Delran Tree Trust account, used only to purchase, plant and maintain our trees. For a donation of $100, a silver leaf will be added to the memorial tree. At $350, a gold leaf will also be added and a tree will be planted in a park of the donor’s choice.  

Donations received by New Year’s Eve will pay for trees to be planted in April and May, and leaves for the Trees of Honor will be added monthly at public council meetings. Donors will be contacted prior to a leaf addition and can attend a meeting and the planting of their donated trees.

Site conditions and soil are used to determine the right tree for the space, according to the green team.

“You will be given the opportunity to select a tree from a list that is appropriate for the park,” the team stated. “If you wish, you can even help plant your tree.”  

Each tree planted will be tagged with the common name, genus species, year planted and gold leaves. 

For more information about the Delran Township Trees of Honor, email delran.green@gmail.com or call (856) 461-7734, ext. 113.


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