Lifelong Shamong resident wins committee seat

The Burlington County Clerk’s Office certified general election results on Nov. 22.

Republican candidate Megan Mozitis ran unopposed for her first elected seat for Shamong Township Committee. She received 1,244 votes. There were 30 personal choice votes.

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No petition was filed for the Democratic seat available in the June primary.

Ahead of the general election, we asked candidates why they were running for an elected seat and what they would like to concentrate on as an elected official.

Why are you running for an elected seat?

As a lifelong resident of Shamong, I have had an opportunity to know many of our residents, farmers, businesspeople, and township officials. I understand their concerns and have been a vocal advocate for them at nearly all the township meetings over the last decade and a half. I was reticent about making the move from resident to committee person, however, I believe my understanding of the township issues qualifies me for the role. I am also honored to follow on my oldest brother’s position on the Township Committee after his 15 years of service to our community.

What is one area you would like to concentrate on if elected?

Coming from a farming family, I love our open spaces and the rural nature of our community. Also, working in Shamong, I understand the business environment. Shamong Township needs to continue to welcome small family businesses that complement our rural nature. With my background in veterinary science, I am a huge animal advocate and do not want to see our residents’ ability to keep the animals of their choice limited. I hope to work with the mayor and other committee members to preserve Shamong’s heritage and encourage business while protecting our residents’ rights. 

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