Township introduces three ordinances

They will be voted on at the December meeting.

Courtesy of MapQuest

Deptford council introduced three ordinances during its Nov. 20 meeting regarding businesses, roll-off containers and property maintenance.

One measure would require companies to maintain their properties in the event of a closing. It aims to restrict the boarding up of vacant businesses, which happened with the closing and bankruptcy filing of Bed, Bath & Beyond earlier this year. The measure would also affect other businesses, a number of which closed this year.

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“We want corporations to maintain the property, even if they’re bankrupt, since they still own the property,” said Mayor Paul Medany.

Another ordinance will require adjusting the township’s policy on run-off dumpsters – containers for large items of trash – in public places such as store parking lots and neighborhood streets. The measure would primarily focus on where and for how long the dumpsters can be used..

Council will also introduce an ordinance regarding the issuance of mercantile licenses. According to Medany, the measure will mainly be used to better identify the many businesses in the township.

“It’s due to the amount of local businesses we have in Deptford,” he explained. “We have over 600 businesses in Deptford and we want to keep track of who they are. It’s mainly for tracking purposes as they come and go.”

The township is home to major hubs for small and large businesses, the largest being the Deptford Mall. Given the mall’s proximity to I-295, it will likely see a large influx of shoppers for the holiday season.

The ordinances will be voted on during council’s meeting on Monday, Dec. 4, at 6 p.m.

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