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Lions Gate senior care community earns award

Community recognized by Newsweek list of best nursing homes

Lions Gate staffers and adminstrators include Cristina Palella (left to right), Meredith Becker, David Thompson and Tina Carr.

Lions Gate Life Plan Community in Voorhees was recently recognized by Newsweek’s America’s Best Nursing Homes 2024 list, ranking No. 5 on the list of state nursing homes with 100 to 149 beds. 

The evaluation, presented by Newsweek and Statista Inc., takes into factor five key points about the senior care facility, including management of COVID and data on resident satisfaction.

This is not the first time Lions Gate has received prestigious It also earned a Best of Suburban Family assisted living award from Readers Choice this year and has twice been awarded for Best Long Term Care and Best Short-Term Rehabilitation by Newsweek.

Lions Gate last year celebrated being home to more than a dozen 100 year-old residents; at one point, it had more than 1% of all centenarians in the state.

“At all levels of care provided, we give our residents as much independence as possible while being as supportive as they may need,” said COO Meredith Becker. “Because of this level of care we are able to offer, people are able to do more here on their own.”

The type of care Becker referred to was referenced by Lions Gate Director of Nursing Tina Carr.

“We’ve also curated a care team with unique certifications,” she noted.

Along with the usual amenities, the facility offers continuing education and lifelong learning classes.

“This is not just a place where residents go and wait …” said Becker. “This is truly a home with a community, where people make friendships with one another, staff, other family members.”

“When I (talk to) a lot of the residents, so many of them say they feel better being here than at their own home, where they didn’t have the social interaction or the necessary care,” observed Lions Gate CEO David Thompson. “Plus, we prioritize keeping Lions Gate in top shape.”

Becker, Carr and Thompson said the Newsweek award is also a testament to Lions Care staff, who … ensure that if residents are concerned about something, they have the necessary resources to help them resolve it.

“If our employees are happy, then they are happy when they interact with residents … that’s important,” Carr pointed out. “I think their satisfaction reflects on the residents in a very positive way.”

Lions Gate is also a Jewish community that offers kosher food to residents.

“Our community is the only one in South Jersey to embrace Jewish values and traditions, and that provides meaning and comfort to so many of our residents,” Carr explained. “Our long-term care residents genuinely thrive here.

“It’s all about creating an environment our residents want to be in.”

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