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Gone to the dogs

Crew club again raises funds with Dawgs of Haddonfield calendar

Special to The Sun
Finley was voted the top dawg for the 2024 Dawgs of Haddonfield calendar.

The Haddonfield Crew Club has initiated its Dawgs of Haddonfield fundraiser for the second consecutive year, a chance for Haddonfield residents to submit photos of pets for inclusion in a calendar. This year, the calendar was expanded to include all pets, not just dogs, as was the case in the fundraiser’s inaugural year.

A total of 110 participants submitted photos of dogs, cats, chickens, a chinchilla, turtle, lizard and snake, an increase in diversity of pets and a slight increase in number of participants from last year. Following submissions, the community voted with dollars for its top dawg to win.

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The top 13 pets were to have a photo session with Debbie Troy Photography so their photos can be displayed as the monthly shot, but all participants got in the calendar. This year’s winners were all dogs. They included:

  • Finley (winner)
  • Abbey and Aengus
  • Gus Gus
  • Lincoln
  • Lucky
  • Max
  • Parker Jane
  • Otto
  • Romeo
  • Tucker and Babs
  • Wembley
  • Zuko

Last year’s calendar projects enabled the crew club to raise $18,000; this year’s goal was $25,000.

“Because crew is an expensive sport, it helps to go reduce the fees for rowers to buy the equipment necessary …” explained Robert Berman, president of the Haddonfield Crew Club, about the calendar contest.

Crew runs year-round in three seasons. The fall program costs $750; the winter is $350; and the spring program, the most expensive, is $1,500. Besides raising funds for equipment, the crew club wants to start a scholarship for potential members who can’t afford membership.

For the upcoming winter session, the club wants to cross train by working with other athletic facilities in Haddonfield to help lead yoga, self-defense and nutrition for students.

Berman noted how response has been to the calendars.

“They love it,” he said of the community. “There are many people who are excited to buy the calendar. A calendar in this day and age, when you have everything on your phone, an actual, printed calendar might seem obsolete, but it’s people who want to support the crew team, and they know that (with) a … donation to crew, you’re donating money, supporting the school team and receiving a fun calendar in appreciation of your support.”


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