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‘We are a spooky crew at Cedar Run’

Two Halloween events allow attendees to experience the refuge in a new way

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford hosted two Halloween activities during the past two weeks, Owl-O’Ween Fun at Cedar Run and the Cedar Run for Your Life 2023 guided tour.

The refuge is a nonprofit that works to preserve New Jersey’s wildlife and habitats through education, conservation, and rehabilitation. It spans 171 acres and has three miles of hiking trails, houses nearly 60 non-releasable wildlife ambassadors – from Bald Eagle Hallie and Hoo-dini, the great-horned owl – a nature center and a rehabilitation hospital.

Tracey Bloodworth, director of development and communications at Cedar Run, addressed why the refuge decided to host fall activities at its wildlife sanctuary.

“We are a spooky crew at Cedar Run, and just love the fall, the crisp of autumn, the change of leaves, birds migrating, and being able to connect with nature in a different way,” she said, adding that the two events were “a great way to experience Cedar Run in a different way.”

Owl-O-Ween was held on Oct. 21 and Cedar Run for Your Life was planned for Satuday. Owl-O-Ween also featured a costume contest and parade, crafts and games, a Halloween movie, a campfire and food and refreshments. 

This isn’t the first year the wildlife refuge is hosting an event like this,” noted Bloodworth, adding that the response has been positive.

“The idea came about during the pandemic as “a fun way to be outside for trick or treating and at a safe distance.”

The Cedar Run for Your Life 2023- A Thrilling Guided Night Hike and Scares for Conservation, started as night hikes that were a part of Owl-O-Ween. The crowd tended to be older children, according to Bloodworth, and eventually the tour was held separately.

The tour is actually a guided night hike around the refuge. This year’s theme focused on the infamous Jersey Devil, described as ringmaster of the Leeds Family Circus,” according to Bloodworth.

To learn more about the Cedar Wood Wildlife Refuge, Bloodworth encourages all to visit.

“Come on out to experience the fun and also help wildlife! Whether you have experienced Cedar Run before when you were younger for a school trip, have been a supporter for a long time, or newly introduced to Cedar Run, we encourage you to come out and learn something new each time.”

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