For township committee: Democrats Michael Mignogna and Harry Platt

Name: Michael Mignogna  

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Political Affiliation: Democrat   

1. If elected, what would be your top priorities?  

My first priority would be continuing to keep our community safe.  We have a strong Police Department and a strong Fire Department who do their jobs efficiently and effectively.  We will continue with such public safety initiatives as the Voorhees Saves Lives Program, the Anonymous Crime Tipline, Project Medicine Drop, the Safe Exchange Zone and the Safe Cam App.  We will continue to keep a Police Officer in every school all day every day.  

Another priority is to stabilize taxes through the controlling of spending and the generation of revenue.  The goal is to remain business friendly.  Within the last year, over 40 new businesses opened in Voorhees, including Archer Law, the Voorhees Medical Center and the Virtua Proton Therapy Center.  Voorhees was one of the first towns in South Jersey to welcome the retail sale of medical and recreational cannabis.  Our Shop Voorhees Program provides tax savings to our residents who frequent participating Voorhees businesses.  In an effort to control costs, we have continued to engage in sensible shared services programs with our schools, surrounding towns and Camden County.  In the last year, we have applied for and received $1.3 million in grants to improve our roads, sidewalks and bike paths.  

2. How will you keep the lines of communication open with residents?  

In my two decades of service in local government, I have always been accessible and responsive to our residents.  I regularly attend community events and am proud of the partnership we have established with our schools.  I am a member of the Key Communicators, a group of school and community leaders who meet to discuss common issues and concerns.  Our Township Committee Meetings are televised.  Our Township website is full of important information about meetings and events and is regularly updated.  Voorhees Township has over 6,000 followers on Facebook, over 5,000 users of our Township app, over 1,500 followers on Instagram and approximately 1,000 on Twitter. 

Harry Platt, candidate for Voorhees Township Committee

Name: Harry Platt

Political Affiliation: Democrat   

1. If elected, what would be your top priorities?   

I am fortunate that both of my children have chosen to live in Voorhees with their families.  This desire is because of the great services, facilities affordability and community that Voorhees Township offers.

Affordability is a concern that I am always looking to address.  Making sure that we are providing the best services for the best possible cost should be the focus of all elected officials.  The Voorhees Township employees make that happen each and every day and we will continue to give them the necessary tools to help all residents.

Our Public Safety services are the best in the State providing outstanding public safety and also providing community building events like National Night Out and the Junior Police Academy.

I have been on the Economic Development Committee for the past 10 years and have helped to promote local businesses and attract new business to Voorhees as well.  I am excited that we finally have a company to is purchasing the Voorhees Town Center.  I hope to continue to work with them to improve the region.

2. How will you keep the lines of communication open with residents?

Providing our children with a variety of recreation complexes to offer many different options for kids who plays sports is important in our community.  We have also providing funding for the Voorhees Art Commission to make sure that we help to provide creative opportunities for kids who are not involved in sports.

We continue to sponsor our Summer Concert series creating a stronger feeling of community in a Township that already has incredible neighborhood connections.

My focus for the next term will continue to be a well-rounded community building approach that is affordable for our homeowners.  This is the reason that my children have chosen to call Voorhees home and is the reason that Voorhees remains one of the best Townships in New Jersey.  If elected, I will continue to do everything to make sure that Voorhees is the best place to live, work and raise a family.

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