Commissioners talk dog park at Cooper River

The dog park is expected to cost $775,000 and will take about 10 weeks to complete.

Township commissioners joined the county parks department and Cherry Hill residents on Oct. 12 to discuss the construction of a new dog park in Cooper River Park, part of Parks Alive 2025, a $100-million plan to revitalize the county’s 24 parks, conservation areas and waterways.

“The current dog park in Cooper River Park has been well loved and used since its construction years ago, but we felt it was time for an upgrade,” said Commissioner Jeff Nash, liaison to the parks department. “This project will provide improved conditions for dog owners countywide, and we can’t wait to welcome all residents and their furry friends to the park soon.” 

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The dog park is expected to cost $775,000 and will take about 10 weeks to complete.

“As a dog owner and resident, I am thrilled to see a new space that can be utilized by our community come to Cherry Hill,” Councilwoman Sangeeta Doshi said. “I already know this park will be loved by our dog owners, and I want to thank the commissioners for fulfilling their promise of revitalizing our county’s green spaces.”

The work will consist of:

  • Demolition of existing dog park, concrete walkways, and portions of asphalt pavement parking area, asphalt walkways, and wooded areas
  • Construction of fenced areas for small and large dogs, agility equipment and a pavilion, benches, and picnic tables for spectator viewing
  • Parking lot improvements, including a new stone entrance, concrete ADA parking spaces, and portions of new concrete curbing
  • Construction of new concrete sidewalks with direct connections to the dog park entrance and view area, existing asphalt walk, and parking area
  • Installation of new regulatory and warning signs
  • Topsoil, seeding and sodding and irrigation.

“Speaking on behalf of the community members who utilize this space regularly, I would like to thank the county parks department for taking up the project to revitalize the dog park and county community spaces as a whole,” Cherry Hill resident Thomas Masullo said.

“We look forward to the amenities that are being installed and the good times that will be shared in the renovated space.”

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