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Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

I am a long-time resident of Moorestown, and I am happy to support Jaclyn Barnes for the board of education. I have known Jaclyn Mestichelli Barnes since she was a high school student and even then, she was a stand-out. She is now a well-liked, hard-working, and committed member of our community. She is a member of the Moorestown Rotary Club and very active in our “lend a hand” projects. She also presently serves on the Board of the Heart of Camden, an organization which is doing so much for the needy in Camden. Whether she is organizing a Diaper Drive, a Robotics Team, or a Halloween event, she gets things done.

Several years ago, in her mother’s kitchen, Jaclyn organized a small group of us to pack some bags for Project Night-Night, an annual Christmastime program which provides needy children with an age-appropriate pair of pajamas, a blanket, a book and a small cuddle toy. We were so proud of ourselves for packing 35 bags. This year under Jaclyn’s oversight and with her usual boundless compassion and energy, our goal is 1,600 bags and I know we will do it.

I also know that Jaclyn would be a smart, active, and well-informed member of the board of education. She knows Moorestown’s public schools as her children are enrolled here. Her love for children, her love for our community and her common sense combined make Jaclyn Barnes a wise choice for voters.

Ann Claffey Baiada


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