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Letter to the Editor: Kate Wilson

People over party for board of education

Dear Editor,

It’s that time of year again and lawn signs are going up for the November elections – and as we consider the Board of Education, I think it’s critical we look at skills and experience over party affiliation – and for that reason Mick Weeks, Jaclyn Barnes and Brooke Mailhiot have my vote.

Mick Weeks has been on the board for six years and has proved his commitment to our students during this time. He has been president of the BOE and is currently the chair of the finance committee. If you’ve attended a board meeting, you’ll know that Mick listens carefully to all stakeholders in our district – and makes thoughtful strategic decisions after considering all points of view. He has deep experience in educational technology and its integration into the curriculum – key skills for the future of education. At a time when there are many long-term questions facing our district, Mick’s experience is critically needed on the Board.

Jaclyn Barnes and I first worked together almost a decade ago on Home & School activities – and she has gone on to lead projects at every level of our school system. She’s attended board meetings regularly and has always advocated for every student to get the best education possible. More recently, I’ve been one of the hundreds of people she gets involved in Project Night Night, delivering thousands of holiday gift bags for children in need across the area. Jacklyn manages the office at her family dental practice and has a sharp sense of business acumen. I believe we need her passion, commitment, business smarts and ability to get stuff done on the board.

Finally, I’m voting for Brooke Mailhiot. Brooke has been on the Board of Education for the last year and is now running for a full term. She’s an educator (Program Chair & Professor, Entertainment Technologies at RCBC) and she brings deep and relevant knowledge of curriculum development. She has worked for the H&S volunteer organization for several years, including being part of the team that delivered several outstanding fund raisers at the Community House. While doing all this, Brooke is also president of the Moorestown Jewish Association. Brooke’s experience, work ethic and knowledge make her a valuable asset to the board.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Wilson

Moorestown, NJ

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