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Letter to the Editor: Andrew McIlvaine

Past Cherry Hill Board of Education president endorses candidates for upcoming election.

Dear Editor,
The Cherry Hill School District is at a crossroads. The current Board of Education is in the process of recruiting and selecting a new Superintendent to lead the district. The process will take several months to complete and will provide new leadership in two primary areas: execution of the $363M bond passed last year, which has begun and will continue for at least 5 years; and the development of an academic plan looking forward to improving the academic standing of our schools at all levels.
The annual election to be held for 3 Board seats will occur in November. I am endorsing three incumbents (Corrien Elmore Stratton, Miriam Stern and KIm Gallagher) for reelection in November. will provide the experience and wisdom to make the best choice for Superintendent to lead the district forward. They have what it takes to do what is best for our children.
It takes time for a new Board of Education member to become an effective contributor. When the new Board is seated in January, there will be precious little time for new members to absorb what they need to know to make the crucial decisions necessary. Continuity is crucial to ensuring our children’s future.
Andrew McIlvaine
Past President, CHBOE


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