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Fall leaf collection season is upcoming

The township has provided a list of guidelines for the year-long service

Courtesy of Mantua Township

Mantua’s fall leaf collection will begin on Monday, Oct. 30, kickoff for one of the township’s largest yearly projects.

The service will continue throught the end of the year; until then, residents are asked not to put out large piles of leaves.

“We ask that residents hold off from putting any excess leaves curbside until Oct 30,” said Mayor Robert Zimmerman. “In the meantime, smaller amounts of leaves can be discarded in the township-issued green carts and placed curbside during normal trash removal days.”

The township also asks that residents follow a set of guidelines for leaf collection to ensure a smooth process in other areas as well. Rake leaves loose to the curb line and don’t use bags. Leaves should be free of any sticks, rocks, trash, brush and other debris that could damage or clog the leaf vacuums.  

Mantua also wants residents to keep leaves at least 10 feet away from any storm drains and approximately 1 foot away from the curb line to allow rainwater to flow freely and uninterrupted. Don’t place leaf piles close to mailboxes, telephone poles, street sign posts, fire hydrants or any object that would prevent collection.

“The township’s leaf trucks are out during leaf season, so we ask that you get your leaves curbside during this time period,” said Zimmerman. “This helps keep our community looking tidy and prevents leaves from getting left behind during the winter months and causing blithe and potential drainage issues, etc.”

The leaf gathering will be overseen by the township’s public works department, run by Superintendent Glenn DeMers. Zimmerman praised both DeMers’ work and that of his department.

“Our public works department … does an outstanding job,” he remarked. “We’re extremely proud of their efforts during leaf season and throughout the year.”

More information about leaf collection and waste management in Mantua in general can be found on the township website.

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