Police swear in 11 new officers, promote four others

Gloucester Township Police recently swore in 11 new officers and promoted four others at a ceremony with the police chief and mayor on hand.

Police Chief David Harkins noted how the community came together on the same day as the ceremony for a 9/11 event to honor those who lost their lives on the tragic day 22 years ago.

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“We consider ourselves a Gloucester police family, so it’s (fitting) that we can bring all of these families together on this historical day,” he said. “We are swearing in 11 new officers and we are celebrating our 100th year of existence …

“Our new hires are a great group,” Harkins added. “They are going to fit right in to our Gloucester Township police family.”

Community Relations Officer Lt. Don Gansky said the ceremony is highly anticipated each year.

“It was a long one this year,” he said of the two-hour ceremony. “With the 11 new officers being sworn in it was much larger than normal, but (that’s a good thing).”

The full list of promoted and newly sworn-in officers is as follows:

Promoted to the rank of captain: Lt. Mark Benton

Newly promoted Capt. Mark Benton (left) and new officer Alyssa Morello are sworn in.

Promoted to the rank of lieutenant: Sgt. Dwayne Pietzsch

Promoted to the rank of lieutenant: Sgt. Matthew Crabtree

Promoted to the rank of sergeant: Cpl. Thomas Messick

New officers:

• Trevor Swanson

• Ryan Andrick

• Gian Liccketto

• Alexander Amato

• Tyler Kenuk

• Michael Dilks

• Colby Creek

• Joseph Nicholson

• Thomas Kenuk

• Nicholas Dayton

• Alyssa Morello

For more information and to see the full ceremony, visit the township Facebook and Youtube pages.

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