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Haddonfield’s nonprofit night evolves to highlight town’s causes

A more limited version of the event has traditionally been celebrated during the fall

Are you looking for ways to get involved in the borough?

If so, you can participate in Haddonfield’s first nonprofit night on Friday, Sept. 22 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Kings Court. The event was rescheduled from Sept. 8.

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Though it has a fresh name and a new location, a version of nonprofit night has been emphasized for years in the borough at the annual fall fest. This year, the event has been rebranded to better highlight the organizations involved and reestablish its purpose.

“One of my observations as a newcomer to town was the event (fall fest) really had no significant identity of its own,” said Mayor Colleen Bianco Bezich. “If you were new to town or to nonprofits in Haddonfield, you didn’t really understand what it was because it was just a tabling event, giving out information and collecting donations.”

So last year’s fall fest was reinvented into a larger event that shut down Kings Highway and shifted it north of the main business district to offer merchants more foot traffic. It had a turnout of 1,000 to 2,000 people.

But because it took a significant amount of energy and borough resources to host and some organizations were unhappy with having more activities beyond tabling, the borough decided to pivot again this year. This year’s nonprofit night will be an opportunity for people to show support for their favorite causes or find new ways to get involved in town.

“This is an opportunity to build on what we’ve learned and really make this about the nonprofits,” Bianco Bezich explained. “One thing I know from being a member of six nonprofits in town is that they’re really in need of new members …

“The whole concept in my head was welcome back from summer vacation, let’s start a season of giving back,” she added. “And that begins in September and continues to the end of the year, through the winter holidays.”

Close to 35 nonprofits will be at Kings Court on nonprifit night, including faith-based organizations. Activities will include a library pop-up book sale hosted by the Friends of the Haddonfield Library, performances by Haddonfield Plays and Players to preview its upcoming season, and Dance Haddonfield dance lessons.

Bianco Bezich hopes to bridge the generational gap and introduce entirely new generations and newcomers to what has been historically a “robust philanthropic effort.”

“It’s time to also have people in town who may be newer not only learn what they might be doing, but encourage ways that we can all give back,” she noted. “If the old ways don’t work, what are some new ways that would?

“I’m really hopeful this is a fun way for neighbors to meet neighbors and give back to good causes, volunteer to give back, doing good.”

Participating nonprofits are:

  • Historical Society of Haddonfield
  • Haddonfield Plays and Players
  • The Haddon Fortnightly
  • American Legion Post 38
  • Haddonfield Garden Club
  • Haddonfield 65 Club
  • Haddonfield Republican Club
  • Haddonfield Lions Club
  • HATCH Dinosaur
  • Haddonfield UMC
  • Kiwanis Club of the Haddons
  • Preserving Black Haddonfield History Project
  • Haddonfield Friends of the Library
  • Friends of the Indian King Tavern
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Haddonfield Outdoor Sculpture Trust
  • Haddonfield Baptist Church
  • Rotary Club of Haddonfield
  • Haddonfield Bible Church
  • Haddonfield Grange $38
  • Haddonfield Police Dpeartment
  • Haddonfield Celebration Association
  • Haddonfield Farmers Market
  • Dance Haddonfield
  • The Haddonfield Foundation
  • Haddonfield Educational Trust
  • Grace Church
  • Interfaith Caregivers
  • Partnership for Haddonfield
  • Children Song
  • Markeim Arts Center
  • Haddonfield Democrtaic Club
  • Haddon Fire Company #1
  • Haddonfield Water Trail

“Nonprofit Night is the perfect way for parents who are not interested in PTA or youth athletics or are empty nesters or individuals who don’t have children to find out what exists in town and (what) they might want to join,” Bianco Bezich said.


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