By the yard

Community-wide sales in Deptford will benefit township veterans

Joseph Metz/The Sun
Residents can have their own yard sales in township neighborhoods. Above is Valley Green Estates.

Deptford Township will host a community-wide yard sale on Saturday, Sept. 23, to raise money for the township’s veterans fund.

“It’s something we’ve been doing for about 15 years now,” said Mayor Paul Medany. “It started out at the library, and then it’s just something that morphed into the whole town. We do it as a way to build community spirit.”

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To have a sale, residents will have to fill out a form that can be downloaded from the Deptford website, picked up at the municipal office or mailed to 1011 Cooper St. Fees are $5 or $20 and go directly to the township’s Parks and Recreation Department. Applications must include a name, address, phone number, e-mail address and signature.

The $5 fee is mandatory and will result in a yard seller’s address being included in a posting to the township’s website and Facebook page to indicate a particular sale. The $20 fee includes the same, and also a Deptford lawn sign that will be collected when the sale ends.

Money collected from fees will go to the veterans fund, and sellers will keep their own proceeds. Participants can also choose to have a sale at any point on Sept. 23.

“They can make it any time they want,” said Medany. “It’s a big event in the township. I remember one year driving past a 55-and-over neighborhood and every block was doing a yard sale.”

Medany and council members will make their way around town and stop at random locations.

“It grows more and more each year,” the mayor noted. “It really helps build community spirit, which is something we aim for at all of our events.”

Rain date for the sale is Sunday, Sept. 24.

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