Food and crafts bring community together

Deptford festival hosted more than 50 vendors at park

Deptford Township hosted its annual food truck festival on Aug. 26, welcoming hundreds of people to Memorial Park, formerly known as Fasola Park.

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The festival featured food that catered to different palettes and vendors with various kinds of crafts. There were about 50 trucks and vendors in all, according to Mayor Paul Medany.

“Today is part of our great event schedule we have here in Deptford, and this one is one of our biggest events,” he said. “It’s a fun day for the community and it’s about the Deptford Township council building community spirit. That’s what all of our events are meant to do.

“People also get to see Deptford Memorial Park,” Medany added. “There’s so much to do here and we want to bring attention to our great park system also.”

The mayor and the other members of the town council were also in attendance at an event that was one of the last major activities for summer. Vendors represented businesses that are local to Deptford and the surrounding area, including Filippo’s Pizzeria & Grill, Not Your Mama’s Tacos, Holy Grounds Coffee Ltd. and Creative Maker Designs.

“It’s just incredible the talent that is out there right now,” Medany noted.

The festival also featured live music by Exit 2 and a DJ that led activities for kids and their parents. They included a balloon toss that involved Medany and his deputy, Tom Hufnell. Kids also got custom-made creations from a balloon and a chance to frolic in the park’s playground and splash pad.

“It’s also about meeting our neighbors, meeting our residents and they get to meet us, and they also get to meet their friends and family too,” Medany observed. “You might meet people here who live next-door to you that you have never met before, and that’s what it’s about.

“Bringing people together and building community spirit.”

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