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‘With the best comes all the glory’

Township board of education pays tribute to deceased staffers

Moorestown’s board of education held a moment of silence at its Aug. 22 meeting for paraprofessional Megan Booth and former teacher and board member Linda Zeigler, both of whom passed away this summer.

“I had the pleasure of getting to know (Booth) and I know others up here had a very close relationship with her,” said board President Mark Villanueva of the Baker Elementary School staffer. “She was a really special person and it’s going to leave a big gap in the hearts of many, especially her family and the Baker (school family).”

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“I do know, particularly given her heart and attitude and demeanor, that she, I’m sure is looking down on Baker,” he added of Booth. ” … You can’t fill her void, but we’ll move forward and do great work in her honor.”

Earlier in the meeting, Villanueva touched on how the school district is preparing for the new school year.

“ … It is amazing how much work is accomplished over the summer,” he noted, “so I did want to thank all of you for all of the hard work and all of the principals and supervisors and the staff that have been working over the summer for really, really working hard to close out last year and get us ready for this year. It is a big task — so thank you.”

Interim Superintendent Joseph Bollendorf expressed his excitement about the new school year and said he looks forward to seeing kids and activities return. He also thanked the board for its jump start on hiring staff.

“Even having had that jump start, we’re still trying to close some gaps at this particular point in time, at this late juncture,” Bollendorf acknowledged. “Obviously staffing teachers and paraprofessionals has become more challenging than ever throughout the state, but I’m feeling very positive about where we are and where we’re headed.”

The board then recognized Richard Wilczewski (Moorestown High), Melissa Wigley (Mary E. Roberts Elementary), Mark Stum (bus driver) and Lauren McGlone (district staffer) for their retirement. Wilczewski – former science teacher, former leader of two student clubs and curriculum writer – praised district teachers, principals, staff and the superintendent, and also offered a word of advice.

“Here’s the rub …” he observed. “Remind the students, every day remind them that they are the best and here’s the thing, with the best, there comes all the glory and the responsibility. It takes more to be the best – more time, more homework, more time on the field, more study time.”

“Remind them that the glory is theirs and so is the responsibility.”

During the meeting’s public comment, resident Celie Coleman requested an update on the district’s hiring of more police officers in schools. Bollendorf explained how an adequate number of SLEO IIIs (Special Law Enforcement Officers) is currently being processed, and that each officer will be assigned to two schools.

“ … Our hope is that in scheduling them in the way that we’re planning on scheduling them, we will have officers at every arrival and every dismissal, except one school because of the extent of the hours,” he noted. “We’re looking for help from the police covering that one school at the end of the day so that we can have police covered before and after school throughout the entire district.”

“During the day they’ll be in the buildings, around the schools and be able to assist and help throughout the course of the school day and the school year,” Bollendorf added.

To access the agenda for the Aug. 22 meeting, visit https://www.mtps.com.


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