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Cherry Hill board of ed gives updates superintendent search

Four meetings to hear stakeholder input are planned

Cherry Hill Board of Education President Miriam Stern gave an update on the district’s superintendent search at an Aug. 8 meeting, and also discussed what the community can expect in terms of input over the next few months.

A job description on the district website outlines the history of the district and  notes that the new chief of schools should be “an innovative/engaging leader who is committed to providing high-quality education, values open-minded thinking and strives to produce well-prepared, inspired graduates.” 

That message is expected to be updated with more details on or around Monday, Oct. 16. The district is in its recruitment phase through Tuesday, Dec. 12, the deadline for applications. Selection will take place from that date through June 14, 2024, the start of the transition phase for the board and a new superintendent.

The district will get stakeholder input through interviews, online surveys and focus groups from Monday, Sept. 11, through Wednesday, Sept. 27. Stern noted at the board session that while the district had planned for three meetings to hear that input, because of community activity and to reach the most residents, there will now be four. Dates have yet to be announced.

“There may be one or two focus community groups nights that conflict with some other events like back to school night,” Stern noted. “However, the intention is to give enough options that even if there are one or two conflicting nights, there will still be other nights that don’t conflict with any of our back-to-school nights or other district activities.”

“I’m sure there will be conflicts with non district activities, but in an effort to do the absolute best, we’re giving four nights to give stakeholder input on this search.”

The board also approved submission of a preschool expansion grant that  resident Jeff Potowitz said members should reject. The expansion grant has a number of requirements, including a full-day preschool program. As previously reported, the target for the state is to serve 90% of 3- and 4-year-olds in the district within the first five years.

“Concerning this, so there’s not confusion, we absolutely will be having preschool (in the fall),” said board member Colleen Elmore Stratton. “Funding stream or no funding stream, the district has committed to turning over our current preschool to full-day, so we’re going to ensure that even if we don’t get those monies, we will be prepared to serve more preschoolers and serve them well.”

The board also revisited the possibility of a set time at the start of meetings for public comment on any topic, to make it more accessible for students and community members and lessen the wait time to speak. No action was taken. 

The next board of education meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 6:30 p.m.

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