Into the light

Albert J. Countryman Jr./The Sun
Anthony Jacobsen’s photo of He Is Legend lead singer Schuylar Croom.

County galleries exhibit the work of photographers

As a young professional photographer specializing in live music assignments at the end of the 20th century, life was exciting for Sandra C. Davis: concerts, backstage parties and interviews for B Side magazine.

“It was a great time to be young,” recalled Davis, publisher and photographer for B Side from 1986 to 1996. “I got to see a lot of great bands. I discovered between the time I photographed musicians and performances and now, my vision has changed. I see my compositions in a different way.

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“It has been less about the performance and more about the experience,” added the 1984 graduate of the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia.

Music enthusiasts can view Davis’ photographs, along with those of curator Anthony Jacobsen, in the Out of the Darkness and Into the Light art exhibit at the Smithville Mansion Annex in Smithville Park through Saturday, Aug. 26.

Earlier this month, Davis led visitors through the annex, where more than 70 photos were displayed by photographers Matt Christine, C.J. Harker, H. Alonzo Jennings, Estelle Massry, Kristin Michel, Ryan Mullaney, Shannon Sophy, Skylar Watkins and Bill Raymond.

“We have five to six art exhibits each year in all three galleries,” said Jacobsen, the Burlington County Arts Program coordinator and curator for all three galleries: the annex and the Worker’s House at Smithville and the Warden’s House in Mount Holly. He has been a professional music photographer for two decades and graduated from the Art Institute in Philadelphia in 2007.

Albert J. Countryman Jr./The Sun
A photograph by Sandra Davis of Bauhaus lead singer Peter Murphy.

As Davis greeted people at the annex, Jacobsen led tours through the Worker’s House of works by sculptor John Russo Jr. of Brooklyn. A retired window store display artist, Russo specializes in sculptures made from recycled materials and everyday items and objects. The depiction of a robot is among photos of his that will run through Saturday, Aug. 19.

The senior art show at the Warden’s House continues through Saturday, Sept. 9, and features works from professional and amateur artists 60 and older who reside in Burlington County, including original paintings, drawings, photography and sculptures.

Albert J. Countryman Jr./The Sun
Currently on display at art exhibits this summer are John Russo Jr.’s sculpture of a robot.

Admission at all three galleries is free: they are open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

The Smithville Mansion Annex and Worker’s House are in Smithville Park at 803 Smithville Road in Eastampton. The Warden’s House is adjacent to the Prison Museum at 150 High St. in Mount Holly.

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